17 04, 2012

Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot

By |2019-12-20T16:18:20-08:00April 17th, 2012|Epcot|0 Comments

One of the best times to go to Epcot is during their annual Flower and Garden Festival that takes place each spring. Everywhere you look the topiary has come to life as Disney characters.   This is just one of

17 02, 2012

Elgin’s Prayer Garden

By |2020-02-08T18:25:45-08:00February 17th, 2012|Elgin, Europe, Scotland|0 Comments

Elgin's prayer garden was by far one of the most memorable things I saw in Scotland.  I had never heard of a prayer garden before and it simply blew me away.  It's right across the street from Elgin's Cathedral Ruins.  It's

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