20 08, 2015

Fun, Free or Cheap Weekend Activities

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It's the weekend again, which means once again families across America are looking for free activities or somewhat cheap activities to do. There are many free or inexpensive activities that families can enjoy on the weekends. Here are some ideas: Visit

13 08, 2015

Cheap Weekends: Wallet-Friendly Adventures for the Whole Family!

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Welcome, fellow budget-savvy adventurers! Weekends are precious, and spending quality time with your loved ones doesn't have to break the bank. At MommyTravels.net, we understand the importance of frugal family fun. So, buckle up as we explore a treasure trove

5 08, 2015

Prepping for the Color Vibe 5k with Tum-E Yummies

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Tum-E Yummies is bringing the ultimate family fun experience with Color Vibe™! Color Vibe™, is a color-blast 5K race for all ages that is all about having fun for the whole family while getting covered from head to toe with splashes

15 04, 2013

OSU Hatfield Science Visitor Center – Newport, OR

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OSU Hatfield Science Visitor Center OSU has an awesome free science center in Newport, Oregon located inside the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center. They charge nothing for admission but do accept donations. They have a suggested donation of $20 for a

30 03, 2013

ABC Mouse – Review and One Month Free

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As a parent, it can be an intimidating prospect navigating the digital learning landscape for your children. As technology continues to evolve, finding the right educational programs tailored to your family’s needs can be overwhelming. Having been through this experience

28 03, 2013

Experiment with Water

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Another fun  and easy science experiment for kids is this paper towel absorption experiment. You will need two paper towel, three clear cups, water, and food coloring. We went with blue water in one cup and yellow in another. In the middle

23 01, 2013

Easy Biscuit Donuts Recipe

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Did you know that you can turn biscuits into doughnuts? This Easy Biscuit Donuts Recipe is one that is a favorite to make with kids. It's so simple, delicious, and of course, fun to make!  Your children will love helping you

21 09, 2011

Liepold Farm’s Pumpkin Patch

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One of the best parts of living in Oregon is the phenomenal pumpkin patches we have to choose from during the fall. Our favorite pumpkin patch is Liepold Farms' annual pumpkin patch east of Portland.  The Pumpkin Patch at Liepold Farms

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