27 01, 2023

5 Coolest Mayan Ruins Near Tulum Mexico

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Do you want to visit the best Mayan Ruins near Tulum, Mexico? You’ve landed on the right blog because you’re about to discover all the coolest ancient sites to check out — including the Tulum Mayan Ruins, located right in

9 08, 2018

Mexico’s Mayan Ruins and More

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When Europe was mired in the Dark Ages, across an ocean the Mayan peoples of Central America were mapping the stars and mastering mathematics and geometry. They were planning cities and laying out their pyramidical temples to mimic the heavens,

6 09, 2011

Copan Ruins – Honduras

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  Copan is a small mountain town located in western Honduras, only 12 kilometers from Guatemala and home to the Copan Mayan ruins. Copan features neoclassical architecture and narrow cobblestone streets. Here travelers can enjoy the Copán’s Maya Ruins, regarded as the

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