4 03, 2018

Cherry 7 & 7 Cocktail

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This cherry 7 & 7 cocktail recipe that will knock your socks off. This cocktail is super easy to make and tastes fantastic. Last month I celebrated national cherry month (February) with an assortment of cherry cocktails including a cherry

29 04, 2016

Strawberry Malibu Cocktail – Perfect for a Luau

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Strawberry Cocktail: Make our favorite Strawberry Malibu Cocktail that is ideal for a Luau party, a girl's night out, or a perfect cocktail for a weekend BBQ! It's strawberry season in many parts of the United States and one of

4 01, 2013

Cecelia’s Ristorante – Buffalo, NY

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For a wonderful and inexpensive brunch in Buffalo, New York I recommend Italian restaurant, Cecelia's Ristorante. My sister and I went one summery day and loved everything about it. Cecelia's is located in the popular Elmwood Village and can be quite busy at times. It

6 01, 2011

Ayza Chocolate and Wine bar – NYC

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Embark on a journey of sensory delight at Ayza Chocolate and Wine Bar in the heart of New York City, a gem that tantalizes the taste buds and soothes the soul. This exquisite bar is not just a destination; it's

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