19 05, 2018

How to Prepare for Your First Road Trip with a Baby

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Preparing for your first road trip with a baby can be daunting. You are going to overpack and by overpack I mean you are going to take 75% more stuff than you could possibly need, but this is just what

25 01, 2018

Toyota Tailgate in the 2017 Highlander Hybrid

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Toyota offered us the chance to take the 2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid on a road trip to the University of Washington to tailgate and see the Ducks game and despite not being a fan of either team off we went. 

25 08, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Perfect Kid-Friendly Road Trip

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  As summer draws to a close, now may be just the time to sneak in one last summer road trip before the kids go back to school. The weather is still warm, with plenty of activities available for you

25 01, 2017

8 Disney Games and Activities for Kids on a Disney Road Trip

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Are you taking your kids on a road trip to Disney? Here are 8 Disney activities and games for kids you can play during your road trip. Best Disney Activities and Games for Kids on a Disney Road Trip including

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