Football season is back! At our house we are excited. We basically watch way too much football, including all the Dallas Cowboys games and all the Texas Tech University games. And, this year, Noah is playing football. He is a starting wide receiver for the 8th-grade team.

One of our favorite things about football season is tailgating and tailgate food! We are living up around Portland, Oregon right now, and have considered going to a Ducks game just so we can tailgate. Since we can’t really go tailgating at a Cowboys game or a Texas Tech game.

Tailgate Food

Meat and Cheese footballs

Here’s a round-up of my favorite tailgate foods. Just click on the recipe name to be taken to the recipe. You will notice that they are all appetizers. I find that finger foods are usually the easiest for everyone to eat at a tailgate party. Stacking food on kabobs is so easy you can have your kids do it. If you are looking for more meat-based ideas check out these beef kabob recipes

finger foods


Tailgate Food

What is your favorite tailgate food? Leave your recipe or a link to your recipe in the comments!

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