tea party

My daughter and I attended a fabulous little tea party for girls the other day and she got a chance to wear her new dress, so I thought I would share some photos.

IMG 1829.JPG+(3)
Isn’t her little dress darling. It sparkled like crazy.
As you can tell my friends went all out throwing this tea party. She made all the little girls little hats and gumball necklaces.
IMG 1826.JPG+(3)
IMG 1827.JPG+(3)
IMG 1828.JPG+(3)
IMG 1832
IMG 1833
IMG 1834

img 7978 1

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IMG 1836.JPG+(3)
My Daughter with her BFF
IMG 1838.JPG+(3)
Me with one of my BFF

img 7982img 7969