Techlicious was all over the place at CES and they were kind enough to invite me to a cocktail party with Radarworks where I got to meet with ECOATM and Tiffen. Both companies made products I had never heard of.

EcoATMHow to Recycle Electronics

EcoATM has kiosks around the country that will accept (recycle) electronic items and give you money in exchange. So far they are in 44 states and have 1500 kiosks! I must say I left very eager to try this, so I went to their site and found a location near me. I grabbed my old Kindle and took it to the store where the kiosk was located. It was pretty easy to spot, near the entrance of the store. It features a touchscreen that walks you through each step.P1030153

  • You must be 18 years old or older to use it,
  • You must have a driver’s license.
  • They accept tablets, mp3 players, and phones.

Here is the video explaining how it works. Unfortunately for me, my old Kindle had no value. They still would have taken it, but I would not have gotten any cash. I decided to keep my old Kindle.

  • They also would have donated $1 to the Wounded Warriors Fund if I had let them recycle the Kindle.

If I had not been in a rush I could have looked up my device online and seen the value for it. They have a long list of items that they accept on their website and estimated values. Next time I will check this list before visiting the kiosk. In fact, I’ve already looked up an old iPhone we have laying around in a drawer and the website it could be between $4-$40.

IMG_5908.JPGHow to Create Smoother Videos

Tiffen is the maker of various accessories for your camera like the Steadicam Curve. The Curve is this handy little device that you attach to your cell phone or GoPro in order to take smoother videos. I am absolutely terrible at taking videos. I guess I just can’t be still enough. I have a tripod, but it can’t exactly go anywhere and everywhere with me. It’s big and bulky, unlike the Curve, which is small and easy to take with you. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you’ve got it: You’ve Got It. My right hand is still messed up from November when I cut through the tendon and nerve in my middle finger. I ended up having surgery and in a cast for a little over a month. To say the right hand is weak and just not working would be fair to say. Despite this I was able to use the Curve with my right hand and use it steadily. IMG_5909.JPG