The Disney Fantasy cruise ship is a  wonderful experience. The food is phenomenal and the decor is stunning. The shows are Broadway quality and the nightclubs are super fun.

Disney Fantasy Decor

If you think the outside of the Disney Fantasy ship is grand, which it is, just wait until you see the inside. Immediately upon entering you are met with the full richness of the ship. It is crazy nice. Lavish light fixtures, blown glass, tile artwork, and more.

This is the main lobby and it’s the first thing you see when you get on board, a massive chandelier and a cascading staircase. This staircase is a good place for a photo. IMAG0140

The blue, pink, and green chandelier is in the middle of the lobby.
Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

Even the carpet is beautiful. The carpet changes all throughout the ship, but it is always themed. IMAG0012
The gold and red globes are blown glass. You can find it inside the Palo restaurant on the ceiling.IMAG0028Be sure to check out the bathrooms they are all elaborately done up.


Dessert on the Disney Fantasy

Dessert time on the Disney Fantasy is spectacular no matter which restaurant you dine at. I had no less than 4 desserts at every meal. Obviously, there will be no tips in this post on how not to gain weight on a cruise, but there are dessert photos. Here are some of the various desserts I tried on the ship.

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The first two pictures are from dinner at the Royal Court Restaurant.

Dessert on the Disney Fantasy

Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, and Angel Food Cake


Dessert on the Disney Fantasy
Sweet Temptations

A trio of Peanut Butter Mousse, Mango Cheesecake, and Tahitian Vanilla Crème Brûlée

These two are from the Enchanted Garden restaurant.

Dessert on the Disney Fantasy
Animator's Palate desserts
Animator’s Palate – assorted desserts
Dessert on the Disney Fantasy

Europa District Just for Adults

Aboard the Disney Fantasy is a  special place just for adults called the Europa District. Here you will find 5 unique nightclubs and lounges. Here are three of the adult only clubs on board.

Oh La La – Ooh La La is an adults only lounge and champagne bar. It’s a divine space to lounge in.

100 0242
100 0243

Skyline – Skyline is a cosmopolitan sky-bar on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream serving up handcrafted cocktails and changing views of global cityscapes.

100 0245
100 0248
100 0249


The Tube – The Tube transports you into a nightclub in the midst of Piccadilly Circus in swinging 1970s-era London.

 The Tube bar on Disney Fantasy
 The Tube bar on Disney Fantasy
 The Tube bar on Disney Fantasy
 The Tube bar on Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy Shows


Have you ever seen a live show that blew you away?

All three shows aboard the Disney Fantasy were totally impressive. I think they know how good they are, so they show you a marvelous show the first night. Then the next night they outdo themselves. By the third show people are leaping to their feet. The audience can barely contain themselves. At times you forget you are on a ship, because it feels like you are in NYC at a Broadway show.. The talent is overflowing and the sets are stunningly elaborate.

The three Disney cruise ship shows I got to enjoy were Wishes, Aladdin, and Believe.

Disney Fantasy Cruise
Wishes – Disney Fantasy show

Wishes is about three teenagers that are about to graduate high school.  One of them is trying hard to be "grown up".  Throughout the show she  realizes she is not living in the moment, because she is so focused on the future. 
Disney Fantasy Cruise
Aladdin on the Disney Fantasy Cruise ship
Aladdin stays true to the original Disney movie.  They've done an amazing job bringing this story to the stage.  The actor playing the Genie has such talent, I'm sure he could perform a one man show.  At one point it rained money.  It was so cute to watch the kids scramble to get the Aladdin dollars.
 Disney Fantasy Cruise 

Believe was a treat to watch. During this show a dad is too focused on work and prestige.  The dad ignores his daughter and tells her there is not such thing as magic.  Through a long journey (compliments of the Genie) he comes to realize that there is magic all around him and the most magical thing of all, his daughter.

I highly recommend all three shows. I would watch all three of them again. They’re perfect for all ages. There’s even a splash of (clean) adult humor sprinkled throughout the shows. There are also some shows that go on outside on the deck of the ship.

Pirate Show
This video is of one of the shows you can see while on your Disney Fantasy cruise, a pirate show. One of the nights you are on board they’ll have a pirate show where Captain Jack Sparrow fights off the enemies. Captain Jack will at one point set off a fireworks show.

It’s an elaborate show that goes on for quite a while. You can see it from multiple places on the ship. I think the best place to see it is on the right hand side of the stage up on the balcony. You can see different viewpoints in the video to give you an idea of where you might like to stand/sit.

Disney Fantasy’s Senses Salon and Spa

Disney Fantasy’s Senses Salon and Spa aboard the Disney Fantasy cruise ship is exceptional. They had a little bit of everything and the prices allowed for most to be able to afford something there, even if just a day pass.

Disney Fantasy's Senses Salon and Spa
Teeth Whitening room
Disney Fantasy cruise ship Senses Salon and Spa
Hair Salon
Disney Fantasy cruise ship Senses Salon and Spa
Disney Fantasy cruise ship Senses Salon and Spa
Disney Fantasy cruise ship Senses Salon and Spa
Fitness Center
Disney Fantasy cruise ship Senses Salon and Spa
Disney Fantasy cruise ship Senses Salon and Spa
Treatment Room
Disney Fantasy cruise ship Senses Salon and Spa
Senses Showers


You can watch this short video to see how the sensory showers work. My friend did this and Loved them!

Heated layout chairs
Disney Fantasy cruise ship Senses Salon and Spa
Private Hot tub
Disney Fantasy cruise ship Senses Salon and Spa
Relaxation Room
Disney Fantasy cruise ship Senses Salon and Spa
Couples Treatment Room with private balcony and hot tub
Disney Fantasy cruise ship Senses Salon and Spa
Couples Private Balcony
Disney Fantasy cruise ship Senses Salon and Spa

Aquaduck Ride

While on the Disney Fantasy Cruise I had the chance to ride the Aquaduck and have it filmed. I look like an idiot, but the video will still give you an idea of what to expect on the ride. It is not scary at all.