You can now make your own DIY Easter Resurrection Eggs for use this Easter.  The Easter Story craft is designed to help explain the Easter story to kids, especially toddlers. Once you have put it together you can save it and reuse it every Easter to remind your kids about Jesus’ sacrifice and why we celebrate Easter.  It’s an ideal inexpensive Easter idea!DIY Easter Resurrection Eggs are a great craft that also teaches your kids the story of Jesus and what Easter is all about. Make these for your kids easily!

DIY Easter Resurrection Eggs

Assembling this easy Resurrection Eggs craft is pretty simple.  You can do this on your own and surprise your kids with it, or you can do this as a project with your children.  Once you have the resurrection eggs assembled, you can sit down together as a family to go through the story.


You will need 12 plastic eggs. You will fill each plastic egg with one of the following items:

1 – cracker
2 – dime
3 – rope
4 – purple cloth
5 – thorn
6 – cross
7 – nail
8 – sponge
9 – toothpick
10 – gauze
11 – rock
12 – leave empty

Be sure to number each egg.  I like to hide them around the house and let the kids hunt for them.  Then they can line them up in order.  This is a great way to work on numbers for smaller kids.

The Resurrection Eggs Easter Story

1 – Cracker    

The Last Supper at the Passover was a time Jesus had a special meal together with His 12 disciples. They had the meal in an upstairs room of a house. Jesus took a cup of grape juice and a flat loaf of bread and prayed a thank-you prayer. He told His disciples, “Whenever you drink this, remember Me.” After dinner, Jesus and His disciples went to a garden to pray. After they were done praying, one of Jesus’ followers named Judas came up to Jesus.

2 – Dime    

Judas had soldiers with him. Then he did a strange thing. He kissed Jesus on the cheek. The soldiers had paid Judas silver money to tell them which one was Jesus. Then the soldiers arrested Jesus. Next, they were very mean to Jesus.

3 – Rope    

They took a rope to bind His hand so He couldn’t move them.

4 – Purple cloth    

They put a purple robe on Him and made fun of Him because He told them He was the King of the Jews.

5 – Thorn    

They made a crown of thorns that they put on His head. They beat Him with a whip.

6 – Cross    

Then they wanted to put Him to death. He was going to go through all of this so we could be forgiven for our sins.

7 – Nail    

They took nails and hammered Him up onto the cross and put the cross up.

8 – Sponge    

He was hungry and thirsty. To be mean, they put a sponge with something sour (like vinegar) up to His mouth. It tasted awful to Him – He spit it out! He hung there for 6 hours, then He died.

9 – Toothpick    

After they saw He was dead, the soldier took a spear and put it into His side.

10 – Gauze    

His friends took His body down and wrapped it in gauze getting Him ready to be buried.

11 – Rock    

They put His body in the grave and placed a big huge stone in front of it so no one could steal His body. Then soldiers were put on guard to watch.

The Good News is Jesus didn’t stay dead! Early Sunday morning some women came to visit the place where Jesus was buried.

12 – Leave empty    

They found an angel and the angel said, “He is not here! He is Risen! He is Alive! Go tell your friends!

This DIY Easter Resurrection Eggs craft is an excellent way to work with your kids on a project that also teaches them something special about Easter.


If you do not want to go through the steps of making your own I did see that they are selling them on Amazon now.
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