The Hunger Games is a great book. It’s an interesting and different kind of story. The entire book really holds your attention. Despite the book holding my attention well I wasn’t over the top about the book like some who have read it. But I am planning to read the whole series now, because the ending really left me hanging.

It’s long complicated story and I will attempt to summarize it. The Hunger Games is about the “hunger games”, which is an annual event, that’s televised to the whole country. There are 12 districts in the country and each district is required to send one boy and one girl to fight each other to the death. The book is about a girl in District 12 going through the entire process.

Should kid be allowed to read The Hunger Games?

I finally read it, because my son has been asking to read it. I had heard mixed things about it, so I decided to read it myself and then make a decision. It’s been several weeks since I read it and after a lot of thought I’ve decided to let my son read it. He is eleven and although it is quite graphic, it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Several of my friend’s have let their kids read it and it’s been fine. It’s actually been fun to read the same book series as him, because we can discuss it.