The Sparkle Box is the perfect way to start a new family tradition, teach your kids to help others, and add more meaning to Christmas.

We received a copy to review and the kids and I Loved it! I’m so excited to add this to our family traditions. Such a great way to teach kids to be compasionate givers, while also showing the love of Christ.

At the beginning of the story you see The Sparkle Box  sitting on a fireplace mantle and a child asking him mom about it.Throughout the story you read about the child and his family and the various things they are doing to help out someone or some charity. Simple things like donating money or giving a homeless person some gloves. As the story progresses the child continues to ask about the sparkle box, but the parents tell him he has to wait until Christmas to open it.

Finally Christmas comes and the child gets to open The Sparkle Box , but there is nothing in it except slips of paper. On the slips of paper are each of the kind acts that the family has done during the month of December. The parents explain that these were their gifts to Jesus, helping others.

The book comes with The Sparkle Box  and you can do the same thing the family does in the story.