btEvery now and then I come across a product I have simply never heard of before. That was the case with the Wocket Smart Wallet. It’s this little $179 electronic device that can basically store every credit card and debit card you have and allow you to use whichever one you want, whenever you like. (Did you follow that?)

Wocket Work

Wocket Wallet

You put all of your credit and debit cards into the Wocket Smart Wallet. This means, you only carry one card instead of many. That one card syncs with the Wocket and becomes whichever card you’ve chosen.

They gave me one and I would like to say I quickly figured it out, but no I didn’t. I ended up having to watch the tutorial despite the fact that it came with crystal clear instructions. Basically, I didn’t realize that the Wocket came out of the handy dandy case it comes in. It’s so slim I didn’t realize that it was two pieces. When I finally did figure this out, I was able to charge the device. You charge it up and it’s good to go supposedly up to 12 months.

How Does the Wocket Work?

For an example of how this smart wallet works, I will use myself.

I’ve got a credit card and a debit card. I loaded them both to the Wocket. Then when I am out and about shopping I want to use my credit card. I pull out my Wocket and select the credit card or loyalty card I wish to use The Wocket programs the Wocket card inside and I give it to the cashier, just like a normal credit, debit, or loyalty card. That card becomes my credit card. It’s as if I am using my actual credit card even though I’m not.

Now I am on to the grocery store. I shop at Winco and they do not accept credit cards, only debit. So, I pull out my Wocket and program it to be my debit card. The Wocket communicates with the card and walla becomes my debit card.

Now I realize that may have been a little hard to follow, so you may want to watch this video explaining it. I found this video super helpful.

Now, if that wasn’t cool enough it does even more. You can load all your loyalty and membership cards into it too. I had 5 hotel memberships cards, 3 restaurants cards, and 18 store cards in my wallet. Not anymore. Now they are all stored in my Wocket. How sweet is that! I am down 26 cards. 26!!

You do not need a phone, app, or Internet to work the Wocket. The Wocket works all by itself. It comes with a card swiper and that is how you load your cards onto the device. It was really easy to do. Overall the device is really easy to use.

To purchase your own Wocket Smart Wallet, go to and for a limited time you can save $30, just enter my personal code: 30OFF-84ec5d3a

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