Things to do on Mt. Hood

Things to do on Mt. Hood

Have you ever wished you could ski year round?

In Oregon you can!

snowboarding at Timberline

Noah snowboarding for the first time at Timberline.

Ski Year Round!

That’s right, on Mt. Hood you can ski basically year round. Timberline stays open all year except for two weeks in September. Winter athletes from around the country visit Mt. Hood in the summer to keep training. Timberline has 3690 vertical feet of terrain for beginners, intermediates, and experts. This is the only ski resorts in North America open all year.

There’s Noah pictured above last April snowboarding for the first time! Timberline has lessons, but he just popped up and snowboarded down the mountain. I couldn’t believe it. We love skiing in the spring when the snow is still amazing, but it’s not so cold. This year we will easily be skiing until the end of May.

Mt. Hood Skibowl is a great place for families to ski.

It’s Not Just Skiing!

Skiing is just one of the many snow activities on Mt. Hood. They also have tubing, sightseeing, hiking, horseback riding and more.

Should You Climb Mt. Hood?

For most people the answer is absolutely not. Mt. Hood is the second most climbed mountain in the world, but I am certainly not going to suggest you head out to climb it. Mt. Hood rises 11,239 feet above sea level (USGS); and its base spreads over 92 square miles. If you want to hike there are plenty of fantastic trails to pick from that are safe. There are people that climb Mt. Hood every year, but they have trained and often know the mountain well or they have hired someone to take the up. If you are in good shape and have trained to climb Mt. Hood you can estimate 4-7 hours to the summit. Other climbers should prepare for a longer climb, maybe 6-9 hours. The weather on Mt. Hood can change rapidly, so if this is something you are determined to do research, research research.

Note: I suggest not climbing, but I do recommend hiking.

Glorious Hiking

Mt. Hood Meadows: Mt. Hood Meadows offers a scenic chairlift in the summer that will take you far enough up that you will have lots of hiking options. On the way up and down you can enjoy sweeping views of Mt. Hood.

Trillium Lake: One of the most popular places for a hike is Trillium Lake. Trillium lake is a man made lake built in the Summit Meadows area near Government Camp offering year-round recreational opportunities. You can snowshoe and cross-country ski to the lake in the winter. (I was so surprised when I found out this was a man made lake. I thought this was only done in drier states with few natural lakes like Texas.)

To learn more about the other ski resort areas on Mt. Hood, more places to hike, where to stay, and where to eat read my most recent Travelocity article: 6 Reasons Snow Lovers Must Visit Mt. Hood in Oregon

6 things to do on Mt. Hood

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