Cape May is great for a family vacation since every member, from the tireless tots to the savvy seniors, will find something to love. From sandy beaches ready for exploration to historical gems waiting to tell their stories, Cape May’s touristic offer is varied and fun.

So why not pack the family and head to Cape May for a weekend (or a week) full of fun, sun, and interesting activities?

We’ve already found several attraction points to put on your itinerary.

1. Beach Day

Cape May, New Jersey

Ready for a sand-filled day of joy? Cape May’s beaches are your canvas for towering sandcastles and epic beach games. Whether you’re splashing in the waves or digging moats, these shores invite families to connect without tapping into vacation funds. 

In fact, this a great location for when you want to go to the beach on a budget.

Just pack the essentials – swimsuits, sun hats, sunscreen, towels, and beach toys – and choose your perfect spot along the expansive coastline. Spend a few joyful hours, or let the day unfold into an unforgettable oceanside picnic.

But, if you choose to stay the night, it’s best to book ahead of time to ensure you get a beach hotel in New Jersey during the summer months. Beach hotels, especially the ones around Cape May, are the first to go since they have the most impressive views and quick access to the beach.

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2. Immersive Time Travel at Historic Sitescape-may

Step back in time at Cape May’s Emlen Physick Estate, where Victorian splendor comes alive. Walk through history in rooms that tell tales of yesteryear, or witness the past firsthand with colonial reenactments. 

This is an interactive experience that’ll capture the attention of both kids and parents. Plus, the tickets are affordable, and they offer special rates for kids. Since you’ll cover a lot of ground on foot, dress for comfort and make sure everyone has comfortable walking shoes. You’ll spend at least one or two hours at each historic site, so plan accordingly. 

3. Marine Science Excursions

Venture into the marine world with Cape May’s sea life tours that start from various piers and marinas in Cape May. If you’re lucky, you may see some cute dolphins. If not, you’ll expand your knowledge of the ocean and enjoy a fun ride.

Set sail without sinking your budget, thanks to group discounts that are well-suited for families. Pack light jackets against the sea’s chill, and don’t forget binoculars to see those dolphins at close range. This trip will take around 2 to 3 hours, so pack some snacks for the kids (and the adults).

4. Cape May County Park & ZooCape May County Park & Zoo

For a spontaneous family weekend getaway, we recommend checking out the wild side of Cape May at the County Park & Zoo. Here, you can explore diverse habitats and get up close with animals from around the globe. 

You can roam for free through acres of well-maintained spaces, so be prepared for a long day. Pack a picnic, wear your comfiest sneakers, and maybe bring a stroller for the littlest explorers. Nestled just minutes from downtown, you can dedicate 2-4 hours to this adventure.

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5. The Adventure of Cape May Lighthouse

At the Cape May Lighthouse, you can reach new heights (literally) by climbing to the top of the lighthouse. It may be tiring, but you’ll be rewarded by breathtaking views that stretch to the horizon. 

The entry fee is modest, and there are discounts for your mini adventurers. Come dressed in comfy clothes and wear sturdy walking shoes for the climb, and don’t forget your camera! Snap a family selfie with the ocean backdrop—it’s an instant classic for your photo albums and Instagram.

A tip to ease your ascension: pause on the way up to peek at the exhibits about the lighthouse’s history—you’ll catch your breath and have some cool stories to share. 


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6. Washington Street Mall

If you need a place where the kids can burn some energy while you stroll around, trying to regain yours, try a trip to the Washington Street Mall. The kids can dash in and out of toy stores and grab sweets from candy stops, all without traffic worries. For the grown-ups, there are unique boutiques and local eats to discover. 

Here’s a tip: swing by in the evening and enjoy local musicians playing live. It turns a simple outing into something pretty special that everyone will enjoy.

7. Check Out the Trolley Tours

Hop on a Cape May Trolley Tour for a fun ride that gets the whole family grinning. Kids will love looking out at the sights, maybe catching sight of dolphins playing in the distance, while parents get to learn cool facts about Cape May’s history and buildings. 

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It’s perfect when you want to keep adventuring without tiring out those little legs too much. 

Insider tip: check out the special themed tours. They can make your trip even more interesting and give everyone something they’ll love to talk about later.

8. Fireman’s Museum

Tucked inside an old firehouse, the Fireman’s Museum is a hit with kids who dream of being heroes. You’ll get to see old-timey fire trucks and heaps of real firefighting equipment. 

While the kids are stuck with the equipment and gear, the parents can read stories about Cape May’s firefighting legends and learn how big fires from the past changed the town. As you learn more, it’s a great opportunity to tell your kids about how fighting fires has changed over the years. This can also be a fun and entertaining lesson about fire safety.

Have Fun!

From sandy beaches to the treetops of the zoo, fun experiences await you at every turn. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to add a bit of education in the middle of the fun, so everyone will come out of this experience a little wiser.

Embrace the adventures we mentioned today and let them be the beginning of your own Cape May story. Now, where will you go first?

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