Are you planning a holiday with your teens in Dubai? Are you looking for activities and places to visit as a family? Here you will find the best things to do on your holiday in Dubai with teens.

We all know that teenagers are the hardest age group to satisfy. They choose their own activities, the food they want to eat, and places to visit, and sometimes they are not even interested in hanging out with their parents.

However, if you choose to visit Dubai with your teenage children, you can be sure you will all enjoy it as a family and they will ask you to come back again.

Dubai has many opportunities for teenagers to have fun, explore, challenge themselves, and experience something new.

I will provide you with some of the best things to do in Dubai with teens, from which they can choose depending on their interests.

Dubai with Teens

How is Dubai with teens? Dubai is a great city with many activities and places to visit where teenagers will have a lot of fun and enjoy the vacation to the fullest.

They will gain not only experiences but also knowledge from this memorable holiday.

With this list of 16 best things to do with teenagers in Dubai, I guarantee you that your kids will fall in love with Dubai and you will have the best family holiday ever.

Have fun in waterparksAqua Fun waterpark

No teenager says no to the waterparks. Dubai has many waterparks suitable for different ages. So you can choose the one that suits the whole family.

The best waterparks are Aquaventure, located in the Atlantis Hotel, and Wild Wadi, which is next to the Burj Al Arab Hotel. In case you are staying in these hotels, you have entrance to their waterparks for free.

Both waterparks are huge, so you have fun for the whole day. However, Aquaventure is larger with the most waterslides hitting the Guinness World Record.

Go to the top of Burj Khalifa

Your first visit to Dubai wouldn’t be complete without going to the top of Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and I’m sure any teens would be proud to say they were at the top of the highest building in the world.

The entrance is through Dubai Mall and you will go to the top with a lift that will take you to the 124th floor in one minute. From the top, you can see the whole of Dubai. Buy tickets in advance

Visit Global VillageGlobal Village

Global Village is an amazing place, worth visiting for the whole family. Here you will see buildings, called pavilions representing different countries. You can buy some souvenirs and try different kinds of food from all over the world.

Also, many shows and performances are happening here that you can all watch. Teenagers will love different kinds of rides from family-friendly to the most adrenaline ones. Buy tickets in advance

Have a family day in the desert

To escape the city’s lights and traffic, head to the desert. The most peaceful place where teens can experience adrenaline and many fun activities.

Dune bashing will make them scream at the top of their lungs with a fast heartbeat. You will all make lovely family pictures with the sunset.

More activities to choose from in the desert are quad biking, camel riding, and sandboarding.

When you finish with all the activities, head to the camp to enjoy a delicious grilled dinner and watch a traditional show.

Get wild in amusement parks

Dubai has no shortage of amusement parks. And teenagers love them. The best ones to visit are Motiongate and IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Motiongate is inspired by Holywood. If you love movies and you would like to be transformed inside any of them, through Motiongate it is possible. Zones of Shrek, Ghostbusters, Smurfs, and many more are waiting for you with the roller coasters, shows, theatrical performances, and meet and greet with the characters.

IMG World is the largest indoor amusement park in the world. Here you can enjoy roller coasters, video adventures, or a cartoon network zone.

Other parks in Dubai for teens are VR Park for a virtual reality experience, or Thrill Zone for a laser fun experience.

Go skiing or snowboardingSki Dubai

In case you are too hot in Dubai, you can cool down in the indoor ski center located inside the Emirates Mall. You can ski or snowboard on a real snow and you will be taken up by a chairlift, exactly like on real mountains.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to bring your clothes and equipment with you. You will get everything here. Purchase tickets in advance

Get adventurous on a jet ski

Jet skiing is a fun activity for the whole family and definitely must try it if you have never done it.

You can rent a jet ski in Dubai for half an hour or one hour and ride the waves, race with each other, and take awesome pictures of Dubai with Burj Al Arab, or Atlantis. Book in advance

Slide on a glass slide

Visit the Sky Views Observatory where you can walk on a glass floor in a height of 219.5 m. You will have a stunning view of the city of Dubai with its roads and buildings including Burj Khalifa which is just opposite.

After glass walking go to slide on a glass slide which is attached on the outside of the building.

For those more adventurers, there is an edge walking where you can walk on the side of the building without a glass or a protective barrier. The age limit here is 12-65 years. Purchase tickets in advance

Challenge yourself in the world’s largest inflatable water park

As Dubai usually has everything the biggest, the tallest, the largest, and the best, you can even find here the world’s largest inflatable water park. It is located on the JBR Beach.

You will get a ticket for the whole day and you can come and go as you like. Life jackets are provided.

The kids can compete with each other, challenge themselves, and have so much fun on the beach.

Go ziplining over Dubai Marina

Here we are again, the world’s longest urban zipline can be found in Dubai Marina. It is 1 km long at a height of 170m and you can reach a speed of 80 km/h.

This one is for those who love adrenaline and are 17 years and older. Under 18 parental consent is required. Book in advance

Visit the Museum of the FutureMuseum of the Future

Museum of the Future is not only fun but also educational. You can see, touch, and shape a possible future.

You can discover new worlds, witness the wonders of nature, see yourself and the world with new eyes, and learn about new technologies.

The Museum of the Future is suitable for people of all ages. Book now

Try indoor skydiving

The real skydiving over Palm Island is an extraordinary experience, but not for everyone. Therefore there is Inflight Dubai, an indoor skydiving centre. It is suitable for children since 5 years old.

You will receive training and safety information and you will enjoy a skydiving experience in the most advanced 20 m tall wind tunnel. Book in advance

Take a traditional Abra water taxi

Not all teenagers are wild and love adventurous and adrenaline-filled activities. This one is for those with a calmer nature.

Visit the old Dubai and Al Fahidi the historical Neighborhood where you will learn about Emirati culture and history.

You can also have a traditional lunch here and then take an Abra, which is a small wooden boat to take you to the other side of the Dubai Creek where you have the option to visit the best Dubai souks.

You can all buy some nice souvenirs for friends to take back home. The Abra costs 1 AED per person.

Free things to do in Dubai with teens

Dubai is not a cheap destination when you want to do a lot of activities. However, there are also some free things to do in Dubai.

Watch the Dubai Fountain ShowDubai Fountain

To see the Dubai Fountain Show is interesting to all ages. The astonishing power of water shooting up high together with colorful lights and music make together magnificent work.

The show starts every day at 6 pm and runs every 30 minutes until 11 pm. There is one show during the day at 1 pm.

Wander around shopping malls

Dubai has the largest and most amazing shopping malls. You can spend days wandering around. Not only you can go around the shops but there are other interesting things to see or do there.

For example Aquarium and underwater zoo, cinema, ice rink, trampoline center, gaming center, bowling, and of course plenty of dining experiences.

Have a beach day

If you have enough walking, moving, jumping, and being active, the beach is the right place for the whole family. Here you can relax, swim and just enjoy the sunny warm weather and sea.

There are plenty of public beaches as well as private beaches. Among the public ones, you can try JBR Beach, Marina Beach, Jumeirah Beach, Umm Suqeim Beach, or Kite Beach.

Dubai with teenagers: FAQs

These were some of the many activities you can do with teenagers when visiting Dubai. For more information, check these FAQs below.

Where to eat in Dubai with teens?

Dubai has a wide variety of cuisines from all over the world. Whether your teens love pizza, burgers, Lebanese cuisine, Chinese, vegetarian, or you have special dietary preferences like gluten-free or lactose-free, you can all find it in Dubai.

There are luxurious restaurants, fast foods, street foods, cafes, and bakeries or you can order food to your hotel room or apartment where you are staying.

What is the legal drinking age in Dubai?

The legal drinking age in Dubai and the whole UAE is 21 years. Even to enter a nightclub you must be 21, while some clubs have a limit of 25 years.

Where to stay in Dubai with teens?

It depends on what you prefer, whether a hotel or a private apartment. Take into consideration whether you would like to eat in the hotel or you prefer to explore dining options available in the city.

When it comes to location, JBR is a great place if you plan to spend some time on the beach. Dubai Marina is good for dining options and nice evening walks.

If you like to explore the city, then around the Downtown area is a good choice due to the close distance to transportation and many sites and activities.

Conclusion: What To Do In Dubai With Teens

As you can see there are plenty of activities for teenagers in Dubai. And this was just a list of a few of them.

Whether your teens like waterparks, amusement parks, adrenaline, shopping, watching a fountain show, visiting the desert, or just experiencing something new and extraordinary, you will find it all in Dubai.

Your family vacation with teens in Dubai will be not only memorable but the best one you have ever had.

Guest Author: Nat from Natstravel is a travel enthusiast who loves beach destinations and African wildlife. She spent most of her time in Dubai, working as a volunteer with children in Victoria Falls-Zambia, and explored Egypt, Kenya, and Seychelles.

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