Lubbock, located in the Texas panhandle, is a city that has a lot to offer for people of all ages and interests. Whether you are an art lover, nature enthusiast, or looking to indulge in entertaining experiences, there are many opportunities to explore. I should know because I went to college in Lubbock at Texas Tech! 

Let’s dive deeper into some of the things to do in this city, including many hidden gems and local hotspots waiting to be explored. 


View Artistic Visuals at the Buddy Holly CenterBuddy Holly Center

The Buddy Holly Center, a museum and performing arts venue, is dedicated to the life of the famous rock and roll musician Buddy Holly. It offers various exhibits, events, and educational programs for art lovers of all ages. 

You can visit the Buddy Holly Gallery to sneak peek into valuables from the musician’s life, including his stage outfits, documents from his childhood, and song lyrics. A striking feature at the center’s main entrance is a life-size sculpture of his iconic glasses, providing visitors with a unique photo opportunity. 

Explore the Hidden Recreational Dunbar LakeDunbar Lake

Dunbar Historical Lake is a true hidden gem that often goes unnoticed by visitors touring Lubbock. Planning a visit here during summer or spring is a great idea, as you can explore the waters by kayaking or paddleboarding. It can become a favorite spot for fishing enthusiasts as it teems with fish that can be caught without needing permission. 

Taste Premium Wines at One of the Local WineriesLLano Estacado Winery

No visit to Lubbock is complete without spending an evening at one of its local wine shops. The most popular winery in the region is LLano Estacado, with a rich history dating back to 1976. You can tour around the high plains and learn about the wine-making process. And, of course, you will get to taste some of the world’s best drinks here. McPherson Cellars is another place where you can indulge in the experience of having premium wines, including Tempranillo, Viognier, and Roussanne. 

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Check out the English Newsom Cellars if you prefer a more intimate atmosphere. This small boutique winery produces high-quality wines that also include Cabernet Sauvignon. You can enjoy drinks in the winery’s cozy tasting room or sit on outdoor patios overlooking the vineyards. 

Interact with Adorable Creatures at the Prairie Dog Town Mackenzie Park Prairie Dog Town

If you are planning to visit Lubbock, do not miss out on visiting Prairie Dog Town inside Mackenzie Park. It is the fifth most visited attraction for tourists visiting from outside the city. 

You can observe the little prairie dogs up close and personal. And even feed them and enjoy seeing them scurrying over and returning to their burrows quickly. This experience is not just limited to adults. Even children love interacting with these playful animals. It is a perfect opportunity to teach your kids about wildlife, all while having fun. 

Take the Challenge of Passing the Corn Maze at At’l Do Farms At’l Do Farms 

Lubbock’s At’l Do Farms offers visitors multiple games and adventures like hayrides, pumpkin patches, fairy tale trails, campfires, horse rides, and more. But, its center of attraction is the corn maze with different designs every year. Passing through this maze is a challenge that will test your intellect, whether alone or in a group. It remains open only during the fall season from September to November.

Buy Souvenirs From Antique Mall of Lubbock 

Visiting the Antique Mall of Lubbock, you can discover an impressive collection of vintage and ancient items, including furniture, jewelry, glassware, and collectibles. There are almost 50 booths and more than 100 showcases in the mall, each selling unique pieces having a rich story. And they are reasonably priced, so you can purchase some souvenirs back home to display in your house or gift your loved ones. 

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Camp at the Buffalo Springs Lake Buffalo Springs Lake 

Buffalo Springs Lake, Lubbock’s recreational area, draws tourists with its breathtaking lake views, hills, and greenery. You can rent a boat, kayak, or paddleboard to indulge in water sports or enjoy thrilling bike riding trails. But this lake’s main attraction is the camping facilities. There are ample spaces available for tents and RVs. And for a more comfortable overnight stay, you can rent a cabin as well. I camped here once during a fraternity event. I would make sure there are no major college events happening here before deciding to camp. 

Test Your Problem-Solving Skills in the Lubbock Escape Room

A popular entertainment spot, the Lubbock Escape Rooms feature chambers that challenge your problem-solving skills and ability to thrive as a team. The four rooms are decorated with intriguing themes like a pirate adventure, time travel, spy mission, and exploring pyramids. 

Once you get in there, you must solve clues and puzzles to make the way out. Each room offers a highly immersive experience. It is a perfect activity if you want a break from usual sightseeing and some thrill in Lubbock. 

Watch Non-Fiction Movies on a Large Screen in OMNI Theatre 

To have a once-in-a-lifetime movie-watching experience, head towards the OMNI Theatre, where you can immerse yourself in cinematography on a giant domed screen. Different informational films are featured here, covering topics like space exploration, aircraft, seas, etc. 

Science Spectrum Museum houses this theater and features more than 250 hands-on exhibits and displays exploring the connection between science and technology. You can visit there for a unique, fun, and informative experience. 

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Visit the World’s Largest Windmill MuseumAmerican Windmill Museum

The American Windmill Museum in Lubbock is spread over 28 acres of land and houses almost 170 restored windmills, making it one of the world’s largest in this category. Visiting here, you can explore a vast collection of historic and rare windmill models. All of them belong to a distinct area and century. 

If you love art and history, the museum’s hand-painted mural will fascinate you. It spans 6,000 square feet and is titled the Legacy of the Wina. 

Bottom Line: 

Lubbock is undeniably one of Texas’s top tourist destinations with its rich history, diverse scientific and natural attractions, and exciting entertainment options. A visit to this vibrant city promises an unforgettable experience. And we highly recommend trying out the above activities to make the most of your trip.

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