While NYC may look too bustling and crowded, it can offer many safe and exciting experiences for toddlers, from awesome parks, museums, zoos, playgrounds, and children’s theater performances–sometimes doing it all is easier said than done.

With attentive supervision and planning, toddlers can have a blast, especially with the many things to do in NYC, while keeping them safe from bad elements.

Things to do with Toddlers in NYC

1. A Stroll at Central Park ZooCentral Park with toddlers

Keep your bouncing toddler entertained while taking a leisurely walk through Central Park Zoo. Your toddler can then take a peek and marvel at various animals, from their playful sea lions to majestic snow leopards. It can be a delightful experience listening to the shrieks and pure laughter of your kiddo amidst the lush greenery of Central Park.

The ambiance can be the best backdrop for your countless snaps of toddler photos. It’s an exciting visit that offers your little one a chance to connect with nature and learn about the many different species in a serene environment.

Just make sure, though, that you have your power bank to prevent your phone from draining and stopping you from taking adorable pictures. You can easily immortalize each toddler moment and create a memorable picture story of your NYC escapade with your little treasure.

2. A Day at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Children’s Museum of ManhattanMake fun and enhance your toddler’s curiosity at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. There are hands-on exhibits tailored just for them that can spark their creativity and curiosity. From sensory play to interactive art installations, there’s always something for your little curious explorer.

3. Introduce Nature at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

A serene yet remarkable escape amidst vibrant flowers and peaceful scenery awaits you and your toddler at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Take your toddler to a leisurely stroll and explore the various gardens bursting with color and fragrance.

It can be your perfect opportunity to bond with nature and introduce your future nature-lover to the beauty of plants and landscapes in a perfect and tranquil setting, away from the hustle and bustle of NYC.

4. Have Fun at Prospect Park

Experience unforgettable family fun at Prospect Park’s vast green oasis. So, spread out that picnic blanket, fly a kite in the open sky, or enjoy a ride on the park’s carousel. It’s a perfect retreat where your toddler can run and play freely while surrounded by nature’s plain beauty.

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With a wide and open space, recreational activities, like wildlife viewing and nature exploration, are some must-dos you’ll enjoy with your little one. They can spot birds, squirrels, and other wildlife and collect leaves, pinecones, and other natural treasures while wandering through the park’s wooded areas.

5. Delve into the American Museum of Natural HistoryMuseum of Natural History in NYC

Enthrall your kiddos and lead them as they look through the amazing world of other creations. Let them be awed by the dinosaur exhibits, butterfly conservatory, discovery room, space shows, animal dioramas, and other interactive exhibits and storytime sessions. Book a private tour.

6. Enjoy Sea Life at the New York AquariumNew York Aquarium

An unforgettable sea-world experience awaits your toddlers at the New York Aquarium marine life exhibits. Little ones can marvel at playful sea lions, colorful fish, and mesmerizing jellyfish. There are also interactive displays and touch tanks that offer a hands-on learning opportunity.

It can foster curiosity, understanding, and love for the ocean world beyond the magical adventures of Ariel and Aquaman.

7. Be Awed at the Bronx ZooBronx Zoo

Unending delight is Bronx Zoo’s offering to toddlers, with its diverse array of animals from around the globe. Be amazed along with your toddler as you watch out for majestic elephants, playful monkeys, and other exciting creatures from the animal kingdom.

Interactive exhibits and feeding opportunities can help engage their senses and spark curiosity. It’s one exciting adventure and opportunity where kiddos can learn, play, and connect with wildlife.

8. Experience the High Line

Walk the Highline

Walking the Highline

You can both take a stroll along this elevated park with stunning views of the city. Your little ones can enjoy scenic views of the city while strolling along the lush greenery. There are interactive art installations and open spaces where they can play and explore.

It’s actually a peaceful retreat where toddlers can be comfortable and play in this unique setting.

9. Unleash Creativity at the Children’s Museum of the Arts

At the Children’s Museum of the Arts, there’s that vibrant space where toddlers can unleash their creativity through hands-on art activities. It’s one opportunity you shouldn’t miss for your and your young one’s NYC visit.

It’s where they can focus on self-expression and exploration. Your little kid can also experience various art mediums and techniques, from painting and sculpting to collage and mixed media. Every visit will be an opportunity for your young artists to learn, create, and express themselves freely.


10. Play at the Central Park

It’s best to get the most out of the numerous playgrounds scattered throughout Central Park. They can offer your hyperactive kiddo endless opportunities to climb, slide, play, and explore. As it’s the largest park in NYC, they’ll never run out of something to look for and enjoy.

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11. Storytime at Local Libraries

Many libraries in NYC offer storytime programs as part of their regular schedule of events. Visitors of all ages, especially attentive toddlers, are welcome to attend and should not miss these opportunities.

It’s a thrilling opportunity for tourists, especially the little kids, to experience the city’s cultural offerings as they create memorable moments together through storytelling and literature.

12. A Visit to Chelsea PiersChelsea Piers

Many indoor facilities at Chelsea Piers offer fun and safe activities for toddlers, like gymnastics and other exciting play opportunities. Inspire them also by sport-watching at ice skating rinks, golf driving ranges, and other indoor playgrounds. Chelsea Piers is a versatile destination for all of you to enjoy active and engaging sports in the heart of New York City.

13. Hands-On Learning at Staten Island Children’s MuseumStaten Island Children’s Museum

It’s a special must-visit for you and your toddler because of its tailored and hands-on learning environment with interactive exhibits. There are also other activities in Staten Island Children’s Museum that were designed to stimulate curiosity and creativity in young minds. It’s also where little children can explore, play, and learn in a safe and engaging space.

14. Experiment at the New York Hall of ScienceNew York Hall of Science

A fantastic place to be for toddlers, the New York Hall of Science offers engaging exhibits and interactive experiments that can inspire their love for science and exploration. Your little one can participate in hands-on activities, explore many scientific concepts, and satisfy their curiosity in all things surnamed science.

They can play with water exhibits to light and sound experiments that can spark wonder and curiosity, laying the foundation for a lifelong interest in science.

15. Ride the Staten Island Ferry

There’s always that free boat ride at the Staten Island Ferry for clearer and more breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty and all of the Manhattan skyline. You can make it more memorable for your little pal by telling stories of how the iconic statue traveled from France to the United States.

16. New York Transit Museum

Who can resist cars? Certainly not your little kiddos. So, travel to the New York Transit Museum, where they offer fascinating glimpses of NYC’s historical transportation system. It features vintage subway cars and buses from bygone eras for a more unique adventure.

17. Iconic Experience at Coney IslandConey Island

Let your little wonder experience the iconic amusement park rides and attractions at Coney Island. It’s got a lively boardwalk atmosphere that will fill every bonding time with your little one.

18. Escape the Buzzle at Wave Hill

Get your kiddo to have an exhilarating experience at the scenic gardens and family-friendly programs at Wave Hill. It’s also where all of you can feel the peaceful escape from the city hustle, perfect for nature-loving families.

19. Children’s Theater Performances

There are many children’s theater performances at various venues and locations in New York City where you can share popcorn, drinks, and lots of excitement. Shows in theaters, community centers, and educational institutions.

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These live and magic shows are specially designed for young audiences, like your toddler. They feature engaging storytelling, colorful characters, and interactive elements, which can surely captivate your toddler’s imagination.

You’ll all be amazed at the age-appropriate performances, which feature music, movement, and puppetry that can fuel up early literacy skills in a fun and entertaining way. Whether it’s a classic fairy tale or an original production, these children’s theater performances provide memorable experiences that can surely inspire your little kid’s love for the arts.

20. Explore Chinatown and Little Italy

You can all explore Chinatown and Little Italy for a more enriching and unforgettable cultural immersion and experience. These are vibrant neighborhoods that boast delicious food and a happy and lively atmosphere that will embrace your toddler with welcoming love and fun.

From authentic Chinese dim sum to classic Italian pasta dishes, there’s always something to tantalize all your taste buds. It’s one unique opportunity to let your kiddo also have a sample of various delicacies while soaking in the rich heritage and bustling energy of the iconic New York City neighborhood.



Depending on your style and mood, the Big Apple has a lot to offer to make your toddler’s visits extra fun and special. You can add more extraordinary NYC places to your bucket list–still, the bottom line is unparalleled fun for your little bouncing-with-energy inspiration.

When you’re already in New York, just chunk a little time in between for the eats and rest, then off you go and complete these exciting and remarkable things to do. Remember, your little one absorbs and records every experience, but as long as it’s with you, it’s always special.

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