Thessaloniki still remains one of the best places to visit in Greece. You can link it to a Balkan Road Trip or other famous things to do in Northern Greece like hiking to the Meteora Monastries. Tourists who have explored this location in the past usually have some positive reviews about it. If you are planning to do the same, we are here to make it easier for you. In other words, this post will be revealing some of the best things you can do in Thessaloniki. These options below are our best picks.  

Strolling by the WaterfrontThe White Tower in Thessaloniki

Are you confused about the best place to begin your exploration in this great city? There is absolutely no need to rack your brain. This is probably one of the coolest things you can do in Thessaloniki. Believe it or not, the waterfront has got lots of exciting activities that you can explore.

Close to the ocean, is a promenade. You can spot lots of buildings in the town. One of them is the White Tower. It is also possible to enjoy those sounds that are produced by waves. You will definitely have a great time. It is always lively with different categories of people. 

Watching the Sunset

There are two ways you can do this. The first is through a boat. You will come across different ships and cruises which are used by tourists on daily basis. Just enter any of them and you will be taken around Thessaloniki’s Bay. In most cases, these trips are free so long as you can buy a drink.

The second way is going to the waterfront. Just find a quiet space before sunset. For the ultimate experience, it is recommended you avoid the oceanfront. This is because there are always lots of people there. Instead, you can get a perfect view from on top of the hill.

The BackroomThe Backroom in Thessaloniki

It is quite amazing that many people do know about this restaurant in Thessaloniki. It is the perfect spot where you can get access to Italian and Argentine cuisine. For instance, it has Italian and Argentine waffles for breakfast. There are also pancakes, omelets, and crepes. The burgers, salads, and steaks that you will find here are mouthwatering.

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The price for its food ranges from $8-120$. Checking out the backroom restaurant goes beyond eating great meals. In addition to such, it is also known for having amazing ocean views. For the cost of transportation, there is no fixed rate since it depends on where you are coming from. For instance, the distance from the White Tower of Thessaloniki to The Backroom is around 0.2miles.

Church of Agia SofiaChurches in Thessaloniki are exquisite and free to go in and tour.

Having been existing since the 8th century, Church of Agia Sofia has managed to stand the test of time. Although that there are other churches in Thessaloniki, it is one of the oldest around. The first thing you will notice about this impressive structure is its dome. For instance, apart from its large domed roof, there is also the altar which is semi-domed.

The wall paintings as well as mosaics that you will stumble upon here are amazing. The latter is what the supporting arch of the dome has been covered with. These have 6-winged angels known as hexapterygon.Things to do in Thessaloniki

Pízza Poselli

There is one feat that Pízza Poselli has been able to achieve over the years. This is being able to present pizza in a way that is special and unique. If you are a huge fan of pizza, never fail to check out what this restaurant has got to offer. The Greeks are really good at making pizzas. Pízza Poselli remains one of the best places to eat in in Thessaloniki.

The street foods you will get access to are of the highest quality. There is no need to be worried because it offers value for money. You can get access to cuisines here for around $2-$12. These have their origins from Southern-Italian, Campania, Neapolitan and other places.

Church of Agios Demetrios

There was a period when Thessaloniki was the largest among others in Byzantine Empire. During this period (629–634 AD), that Church of Agios Demetrios started to gain popularity. As a result of the fire it had experienced in the past, this building has been reconstructed on different occasions. The 40s was the last time it got restructured. 

It was reconsecrated in 1949 using tombstone pieces from Jewish cemetery. The truth is that the Church of Agios Demetrios still remains one of the most ancient churches in Thessaloniki that you must visit. Tourists are treated well so long as you are decently dressed.

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Vregmeni Gata Restaurant

Whether you are searching for the best place to have breakfast, lunch or even dinner, Vregmeni Gata Restaurant ticks all the boxes. People are quick to give this place positive reviews due to the varieties available to meet different needs and tastes. The menu is rich and its ingredients are of very high quality.

It is worthy of note to point out that this restaurant has young workers. They are capable of making you have some unforgettable moments. It also offers diets that are vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free.

Visiting Kapani Market

Going to Thessaloniki without checking out its oldest market means your trip isn’t complete. There are lots of facts to find out about this market. For instance, in 1821, it became a martyrdom site where 5 elders got hanged by Turks. This market is located at the heart of the city and has different items you can purchase. These could be drinks, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and many others. Due to its liveliness, visitors are known to always have an ultimate experience.

In case you can’t visit the Kapani market for some reason, another option to explore is Modiano market. It is enclosed and was built between 1922-1925.

Taking A Walk Around Ano Poli Neighborhood

Ano Poli neighborhood is one place that many tourists do not talk about too often. However, this location tends to offer a unique experience. As compared to the city center, it is calm as well as quiet because you won’t find too many people around. One of the best parts about Ano Poli neighborhood is that you will see different buildings and structures. It is the best way to find out more about the popular Byzantine era. Walking up the hill gives you the chance to see the city from one spot. It is also possible to board any of those local buses instead of walking.

Visit The Trigonion Tower

Trigonion Tower in Thessaloniki

Trigonion Tower in Thessaloniki

This is another thing you can do in Thessaloniki. For instance, it enables you to discover more about the popular Byzantine walls. The Trigonion Tower got built back in the 15th century to ensure the city wasn’t invaded. Of course, you can bet that it did a perfect job in that regard. Also, the tower’s entrance offers a perfect viewpoint.

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Please note that for adults, the fee for exploring this tower is €6. The opening hours during the summer season are 10 am-5 pm. During winter, it is open from 8:30 am-3:30 pm. It is not open on Tuesdays though.

Visiting The Eptapyrgion

Probably you have been hearing about the Eptapyrgion. This is a fortress which got built during the 14th century. Between 1890 and 1989 (100 years), this place was used as a prison.  However, it is currently a museum that many people check out on their trips to Thessaloniki. This will only cost you €6 and it also gives you access to Trigonion Tower. You can rest assured that it offers the ultimate fun.

Checking Out Rotunda

Rotunda has become a favorite landmark for most tourists that usually visit Thessaloniki during their vacation periods. The Romans decided to have it built for Emperor Galerius (as a mausoleum) around 306AD. It is however important to point out that Rotunda would later be converted into a church. In other words, it was never used as a mausoleum which is the primary purpose for which it was built. This is quite amazing given the reputation of Emperor Galerius when it came to persecuting Christians.

Visiting of Museums

There are 8 museums in Thessaloniki. These are Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Jewish Museum, Noesis – Science Center and Technology Museum, Cinema Museum, Byzantine Culture Museum, Atatürk Museum, and Archaeological Museum. Do you want to know the best part? It is the fact that each of these museums offers something very unique.

For instance, Jewish Museum helps to uncover facts about Sephardic Jews residing in Thessaloniki. Cinema museum is a place that is existing for the collection, preservation, and displaying of artifacts that Greece is known for. Just find out the museum that can meet your needs. Their ticket prices usually differ. 

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