Three Degrees

Update November 2018 – I am super sad to report that Three Degrees Waterfront Grill has closed. They closed it earlier this year and remodeled it. Now it is a seafood restaurant, King Tide Shell and Fish.
Occasionally we get a date night and on one of them recently we went to Three Degrees Waterfront Grill and yes, it is on the Portland waterfront.
I’m not sure why, but this restaurant had been on my list of places to eat in Portland since 2007 and we finally went! I must have heard good things about it and really I only have good things to say about it. In fact, after reading other reviews I am surprised they were not more positive. We had a lot of privacy because of the way the booths are laid out and a perfect date.
I decided to try something new a salad with fresh peaches in it. I love peaches and love pecans, but I just could not decide if this would be a good combination. Well, turns out it’s an awesome combination.
Unfortunately, I can not really give you a blow by blow of our meal, because the menu does not have any of these items on it currently.
Three Degrees serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and happy hour daily. Food offered is usually seasonal comfort food bought from local vendors and farms.Waterfront Grill