Traveling with golf clubs will always present challenges, especially when carrying your bag around the airport. You could choose to rent or buy golf clubs when you arrive at your destination. But, like me, not everyone is comfortable using a different golf club anytime they travel and want to play golf. 

Tips for Traveling with Golf Clubs

There are ways you can package your clubs to make it easier for you. You need to consider your comfort and the best way to provide such comfort. The following are some tips that can help you to easily travel with your golf club.

Get the right bag for your golf club Putt putt at Salishan

For the sake of your convenience, you need to select the right traveling golf bag. Try to avoid the mistake of traveling with the wrong-sized golf club bag. Since golf clubs come in different sizes, select the bag that will not be too wide or too small for the club. Try to pick a golf bag that fits perfectly, making it also easier to load into the trunk. It will also make it easier to move around.

A small bag will not allow you to carry all you will need for the trip. It could make you spend more since you may need to buy the things you could not carry for the trip. That’s why it’s important to select a bag that is not too small or too big for the journey. So, the safety of your golf club and your convenience are two things you should consider when buying a bag.

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You can also add an ID to your golf bag for easy identification. While the travel bag could have its own travel ID, it’s important to add your own to increase its safety.


Record or take count of your items Traveling with golf clubs

After getting the right bag, take pictures of all the contents in the bag before packing them. This way, you will know when something is missing from the bag or when something gets damaged. A lot of travelers get to realize some of their traveling items have been damaged when they have reached their destination. But try to check your items before you leave the airport.

Also, remember that the bag handlers can sometimes be rough when moving travelers’ bags. Your golf club will be at risk of damage if they are handled roughly. As a result, remember to take a record of the items in your bag. That way, you can hold the handler responsible and file a claim when something happens to your golf club.

While arranging the clubs, place them upside down 

Make the safety of your golf clubs at the top of your priorities while traveling with them. You should be looking to protect the lower side of the shaft and the hosel as well. To do this, place the clubs upside down. The hosel is one of the parts that can break or bend easily. By keeping the golf clubs upside down, you will prevent them from bending easily while traveling.

Select the right case for the type of club you have 

Golf club cases come in two main types: soft and hard. The convenient option for you will depend on the type of golf club you have. It also depends on the trip you are embarking on. While the hard cases are more difficult to pack, they provide better protection for the clubs while traveling. On the other hand, the soft cases are not very sturdy, but they are easier to pack.

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If you are going on a short trip, the soft cases will be right for you. However, for a longer strip, it’s advised to use a hard case to keep your golf clubs safe. 

Travel on a non-stop flight

When traveling with your golf clubs and other things in your bag, it may be inconvenient to switch flights. Apart from the inconvenience, you may be risking the safety of the golf club as well. The clubs will be at higher risk of damage as more luggage handlers have a go at the clubs. This could leave you with broken or bent golf clubs.

Try to take a non-stop flight that can take you to your destination straight away to avoid inconveniences and keep your golf clubs safe. Yes, a non-stop flight may cost more, but the extra cost will be worth it. 

Keep the club heads separately

If you’re traveling with a portable bag, you may want to maximize the space available. It also reduces the risk of breaking the clubs. One of the best ways to maximize the space is to pull out the club heads from the golf clubs. Although this may take some time, it is the better action to take. It can help you save the cost of replacing your golf clubs if they break. Since keeping them safe when traveling is a priority, they will be safer when the club heads are pulled out. However, try to take a picture of the settings to enable you to fix them quickly. 

Try not to leave anything behind Driving range - hitting golf balls

When traveling, you may want to carry small items to make the journey more convenient for you. However, carrying a few things doesn’t always make it convenient. 

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Sometimes, you may make your life more inconvenient if you decide not to carry some items for your trip. Apart from your golf clubs, you can still pack some items inside your golf bag. Consider packing things like golf balls, tees, hoses, socks, and towels. These are needed for your golf games, so they are equally important.

You can afford to keep the items you can easily buy without taking out much from your wallet. At the same time, you shouldn’t carry your expensive items or items that will be very difficult for you to replace. Do not go along with your jewelry, your range finder, or any expensive watches. Keep them in your personal bag if you must carry them along.

Overall, you can keep other things in the golf bag. Items like towels and cloths can even serve as protection and cushion any hard impact on the golf bag.

You can try shipping your clubs

Silvies Valley Ranch Golf course review

Silvies Valley Ranch Golf Course

One of the best ways to fly with your golf clubs is to send them first. You can completely avoid flying with your golf clubs by sending them directly using ship sticks. Their services are available in several cities. Find out whether you have ship stick services in your area. If they are available, they can easily pick up your golf clubs from your pro shop or your home and send them to the destination you want. Currently, their services are available in 180 countries, so your destination will likely be available on their map. The good thing about ship sticks is the fact that all the shipments come with real-time tracking, insurance, as well as guarantees for on-time delivery.


Traveling with your golf clubs can be a little stressful. But it doesn’t need to be inconvenient or unsafe to travel with them. There are some ways you can enjoy your journey even when you take the golf clubs along. The above tips can guide you to pack conveniently for your journey while keeping the golf clubs safe.

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