Tips for traveling with a babyAre you looking to take your bundle of joy on their first vacation? Traveling is a big experience for your little baby, and they may need a lot of comfort from you during their car or plane ride. Before you start making a reservation at, it is best to make sure you are prepared to take your baby on the road or in the sky.

There are many tips that can help you and your baby get through their first big trip. Here are several tips for traveling by car or plane with your baby.

Tips for Road Trips

A road trip is easier in the sense of not sharing the space with strangers, but you do need to make sure your baby is ready to hit the road. Use the following tips to prepare for your next road trip.

Pack The Night Before

 It always happens, you pack in the morning and forget to bring their favorite toy or extra diapers. Start packing the diaper bag, luggage and the car after your baby goes down for the night. Packing the night before gives you time to go through your checklist and make sure you have everything you need for your baby. Items such as your stroller, bouncer and playpen should be packed in the trunk, and essentials such as snacks, bottles, toys and changing supplies should be kept within reach in the car. 

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Schedule Around Your Baby

 It is best to schedule your road trip around their nap time or bedtime. This way, you can put them into their pajamas and let them sleep during the drive. If you are planning to stop and eat, start researching your travel time and the restaurants along the way. This allows you to stop when it is time to feed your baby. You can avoid an unhappy baby by planning your road trip around their schedule.

Avoid Long Car Rides

It is not easy for many adults to sit in the same spot for hours, and your baby may feel the very same way during their own trip. When researching vacation spots, try to find a place that is less than six hours away. If you cannot find a closer destination, make plans to stop at safe, public areas. You may find a restaurant or shopping mall along the way. Stopping to eat or walk around with your baby gives everyone a break from sitting in the car.

Flying Tips

A flight can get you to certain destinations quicker than a road trip, but your baby is going to be in one spot and surrounded by strangers. Use the following tips to create a smooth flight for your baby.

Ask About Carry-On and Checked Luggage

 Once you book your flight, contact the airline to find out the policies for carry-on and checked luggage, as well as strollers and car seats. Do not forget to ask if the diaper bag counts as your carry-on bag. You should also be sure to bring necessities such as bottles, snacks, toys and diapers on board to keep them comfortable. It is easier to prepare for a trip when you learn the rules and know what to pack in advance.

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Determine Your Seating

You do not need to buy a ticket for babies under two-years-old because they are permitted to sit on your lap. However, using an airline approved car seat is a safer option for your baby. A baby who weighs less than 20 pounds should be in a rear-facing car seat, and you are going to need a seat ticket if you are placing your baby in a car seat.

Schedule Feedings for Take-Off and Landing

 The cabin pressure changes during a take-off and landing, and this change may irritate their little ears. You can keep their ears open by nursing or bottle-feeding them during the take-off and landing. The pressure change is most noticeable as early as a half hour before the actual landing, so it is best to offer the feeding as soon as the initial descent begins.

Whether you are traveling by car or plane, you can create a positive experience for your baby by keeping the above tips in mind.

What is your best tip for traveling with a baby? Leave a comment below.

6 Tips for Traveling with a Baby