Venus razor

Just in time for the summer when you need a razor most Venus has come out with 3 new choices.

  • The Venus Swirl is for the Perfectionist because it leaves your legs flawlessly smooth! It has 5 contour blades and Flexiball technology that contours to every curve for flawless skin.
  • The Venus & Olay razor is for the Multitasker because it moisturizes as you shave – no need for shave cream!  It has 5 blades and Olay Moisture Bars that release skin conditioners to help lock in skin’s moisture for less dryness.
  • The Venus Disposable is for the On-The-Go-Girl because it’s perfectly suited for the active lifestyle. Just shave, then toss it out – no need to find replacement razors! Venus Disposables give a close shave for sensitive skin and has 3 blades surrounded by soft, protective cushions.  The pivoting rounded head fits easily into hard-to-shave areas.

On The Go Girl

I myself opted for the Venus Disposable (pictured above), because I am the epitome of the on-the-go-girl. I’m always headed off one direction or another whether I like it or not. As a single mom, I am pulled in many different directions and as a travel writer, I am constantly packed are ready to go. In fact, I have several bags that are always packed. I find it handier to not bother packing my razor, but to instead have several razors, one or two of which are always packed. Now, normally I wouldn’t suggest a disposable razor, because lets be honest, they are not high quality items and nobody wants to feel like they are hacking away their legs. The Venus Disposable razors, however, are an exception. I found their disposable razors to be just as good as their non-disposable razors.

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toiletry bagIf you are an On-The-Go-Girl too, I suggested keeping a toiletry bag always packed and ready to go. I mean, why bother packing and unpacking all the time when you can just stay semi packed. Yes, I realize how lazy this sounds, but trust me, you will love it too! This will save you so much time. I suggest either buying two of your favorite products or buying a travel size version of your favorite product. Also, remember to put everything in a see through bag for security at the airport. Here is a list of things I keep packed in my toiletry bag.

On The Go Toiletry Bag

  • toothpaste
  • moisturizer
  • hairspray
  • chapstick
  • blow dry spray
  • lotion
  • perfume
  • wrinkle release spray
  • razor
  • toner
  • concealer
  • facewash

Create an on the go toiletry bag

Create an On-The-Go Tolietry Bag for the Whole Family

On The Go Toiletry Bag

I decided to take this to a whole new level a make one for our family. Often times when I travel with the kids it is one of their items I forget. I gathered up extra things I had laying around like toothbrushes and razors, so I would never have to unpack it. If I didn’t have extra then I bought extra. If you are going to leave toothbrushes and razors in a bag for long periods of time like this I recommend getting Steripod covers for them. The razor cover has an anti-rust zinc strip in it. I used a beauty roll with four see through pouches that I could break into one for each of us. I used my label maker to label each pouch accordingly.