Australia known as the island continent poses a unique travel destination to any tourist. This expansive continent has a wide range of climates, so travel can occur at any time of the year. The only difficulty is choosing where to go, here are 6 of the top destinations in Australia.


When anyone thinks of Australia Uluru, previously known as Ayers Rock springs to most people’s minds. A massive sandstone formation, the rock is no small affair, standing 348 meters high and 9.4 kilometers across. Uluru is well known for its ability to appear to change color throughout the day as the sun strikes it.

Regular tours are run by rangers and local aboriginal people. Visitors can no longer climb Uluru, due to its significant spiritual meaning to the aboriginal people.

The Great Barrier ReefGreat Barrier Reef Tour with Explore

If sun, sand, and surf are more to your taste, then the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland might be just what you’re looking for. One of the seven wonders of the world, the reef is the largest marine protected area in the world, spanning 348,700 square kilometers and approximately 2,300 kilometers long, and comprises over 3,000 individual reefs.

There is a huge array of life to see at the reefs, with over 400 types of corals with many varieties of fish and other wildlife outside of the reef such as turtles, sea birds, whales, and dolphins.

There is plenty to do at the reef from day trips on boats with underwater viewing platforms, diving, and snorkeling, just to name a few. Whatever you do, make sure you make time to visit Whitehaven Beach

The KimberleysThe Kimberleys

A spectacular sight, the Kimberleys of Western Australia, has a vast arrange of gorges, waterfalls, wildlife, and flora.

A rugged and ruff terrain, the Kimberleys is a place for those wanting to do it a little tough. Gibbs River Road a 4WD-only access road, is one of the best places for driving enthusiasts, with many waterfalls and gorges to explore on the way. If a little more luxury is more your style, there are plenty of opportunities to join a tour company.


Melbourne Graffiti Alley

Melbourne is a city with a lot of unique things to offer. It’s basically a foodie’s dream come true. It by far has the most beautiful food I’ve ever seen. Plus, there’s alleys full of graffiti, lovely beaches, great shopping, lots of rooftop bars, and so much more. 10 Things to do in Melbourne

SydneySydney, Australia an awesome place for a family vacation.

Known as the cultural hub of Australia, Sydney has all the shopping possibilities of any city, with many cultural experiences to enjoy. Architectural highlights include the Opera House which is open for various public tours, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge which is the best view of Sydney if you are game enough to climb it.

With Sydney, it doesn’t matter what you’re into, arts, culture, food, wine, fun or adventure, Sydney will satisfy whatever craving you have.

2 Day in Sydney, Australia

The 12 ApostlesThe 12 Apostles

Located within the Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, the Apostles are a collection of massive, yet elegant limestone rocks, protruding from the ocean. The tallest apostle is 45 meters with a dramatic 70-meter tall limestone cliff towering over the apostles as a backdrop.

There are plenty of opportunities to view the apostles along the Great Ocean Road, with viewing platforms and boardwalks to soak up the sights. Photos simply do them little justice.

The apostles are slowly eroding due to the constant beating of the ocean and other natural elements around the formations. Several collapses have occurred over the past few years so if you’re in the Melbourne area, a trip to visit the apostles before they disappear is well worth it.

No matter what type of holiday you are looking for Australia has it all. Full of possibilities with a range of experiences you will have to come back to enjoy them all.

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