Tourist places have been opened with precautionary steps after COVID-19 recently. As the situation is getting better and like the normal scenario travelers are expressing their wish to start traveling soon. Golf resorts are one of the most popular tourist places in the USA. 

A study by CNN shows that about 25 million people in the United States of America play golf and they love to visit different golf courses and golf resorts as well. You can very well understand the impact of the game in the USA. As a result of the highly anticipated golfers today, there are quite some number of golf courses as well as golf resorts around the country. Each of the golf courses is different from one another and they offer different playing experiences. 

The beauty, calmness, relaxation along with the entertainment of a golf resort is better understood by the golf passionate. Being a golf fanatic you must be looking for the best golf resorts whenever you have some time in your traveling period around the globe to experience different golf resorts and the beauty of them. If so, then this article will help you get the perfect idea about golf resorts in the United States which are enjoyed by golf lovers and families alike. 

6 Top Golf Resorts in The United States

Renowned golfers like Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, Phil Mickelson, Petty Berg, Betsy Rawls are all from the United States and they have achieved lots of international trophies starting from these golf courses. The list is not limited to these names only. The list goes on and on. 

Like the golfers’ list, the list of golf courses and golf resorts is long too. You name any state like California, Florida, Carolina, Hawaii, or any other, it is most likely that you will find a golf resort near the state. Here are the top golf resorts with their features and location details that you should visit while traveling to the USA. 

Pebble BeachPebble Beach Golf Course

Pebble beach resort is one of the oldest golf resorts in the USA founded back in 1919. There are hardly any other golf resorts than the Pebble Beach Resorts headquartered in Pebble Beach, California. It has hosted six (06) U.S. Opens already. The course is considered an iconic golf course in one of the most beautiful places in the country. Check out their website before paying a visit to the resort. 


The Greenbrier

The Greenbrier is another landmark golf resort that has been serving guests since 1778. It is high time a favorite destination of royalty. Celebrities, business leaders even presidents of America love to visit the Greenbrier. 27 out of 45 American Presidents have been in the guest list of the Greenbrier. Check out their website before paying a visit to the resort.


The American Club

The beauty of the American Club golf course in the afternoon is mesmerizing. You may have a good day or bad day in golf but the beauty of this golf resort in Kohler, Wisconsin will make your day. The golf course has already hosted three (03) PGA championships, one (01) US Senior Opens, and many more to come in the coming days. The resort is also known as Kohler Destination. 

Check current rates at The American Club.

Pinehurst Resort

Since 1895, Pinehurst Resort has been welcoming guests to their beautiful North Carolina resort. Their spa, dining, and accommodation along with the golf course are very popular among the travel-loving golfers. They often offer lucrative packages. You will love the place and visit often once you see the beauty of the resort in real. The resort has an 18-hole course as well as a 9-hole short course. Both courses give a great feel. Check out their website before paying a visit to the resort.


La Quinta Resort & Club

Another great looking golf resort in California. The La Quinta Resort and Club offers few amazing packages to stay, play, and relax. The resort has 5 championship courses, 3 master design, and 1 Iconic resort. All the courses are designed to provide thrilling gameplay. You will enjoy playing in these courses and your skills will be tested as well. 


Kiawah Island Golf Resort

The Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South Carolina is the highest-ranked golf course by legend Pete Dye. This golf course hosted the PGA Championship and Ryder Cup. The resort has lots of beautiful low country islands which includes a clubhouse each. Enjoy the beauty of the resort staying there. Check out their packages and reserve a seat online. You will enjoy the stay. Check out their website before paying a visit to the resort.



All the golf resorts mentioned here have a great history. The services are getting better with time. You will enjoy the stay there and playing on such beautiful grounds. 

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Things You Need to Carry While Traveling to Golf Resorts

Now you know the best golf resorts to visit. And you might be planning for a day out looking at the features and services of the golf resorts. This section of the article will enhance your stay because here we are going to introduce you to some golf accessories which are compact and very useful in traveling. 

Travel bag

It is obvious that you will need a travel bag for traveling but we recommend you have a golf travel bag to carry your golfing equipment. A golf travel bag mostly weighs 25 to 30 pounds filled with 14 clubs and other essentials like tees, balls, rangefinders, and many more, so it won’t be very heavy to carry. Besides, you may find some stores or suppliers or even the resorts may allow you to rent golf travel bags. But you better carry your own golf travel bag which you use for traveling and carrying most of the golf equipment needed regularly.

Best quality golf travel bags can be found in the nearest golf equipment stores or you may order them online. 


Extra pair of shoes

You know golf shoes are slightly different from regular shoes. For more comfort in the golf course always carry an extra pair of golf shoes. Golf shoes benefit you by providing proper balance, flexibility, and anchor yourself to the ground while swinging hard. Own some all-terrain golf shoes as you never know what sort of ground there may be. There are golf shoes available for different segments like for girls, waterproof golf shoes, spikeless golf shoes or spiked golf shoes, etc. 

Golf GPS

A Golf GPS device will measure distance and record every data of your ball trajectory. And provide you information on yardages with a tracking system. This helps golfers practice and know how they are performing. It is a very lightweight and compact size device that you can carry anywhere. If you don’t have any GPS, don’t worry. There are mobile launch monitor or rangefinders that have the GPS facility as well. If you own any of these gadgets you can use the GPS. 

Apart from these, there are some other golf accessories like golf towels, golf umbrella, golf ball retriever, etc which are most likely to be found in the resorts, but you can carry them if you need them too often. Not only golf accessories, but you might also carry some gadgets as well that help you lead an easier life. 


Traveling and exploring different golf courses and playing in the famous golf courses where legends have played is always exciting. Here we enlisted the top 6 on our preferences. Hope that you will enjoy these resorts. Apart from these resorts, there are a lot more golf resorts that are historic and enjoyable playing there. The list of the golf resorts will go pages after pages. Share your experience of visiting different golf resorts with us. 


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