Top 8 Essential Oils for Travel

Top 8 Essential Oils for Travel

When you are traveling there are certain essential oils that will be incredibly helpful for you. Here are the top 8 essential oils for travel.

Top 8 Essential Oils for TravelAs a former essential oil cynic, I now cannot leave for the airport without making sure my essential oils are packed because they have dramatically improved my travel experiences. After exploring 20+ countries (with and without kids), I have some recommended essential oils to make your travel smoother, more restful and healthier. Here are my top 8 essential oil tips for travel.

8 Essential Oil Tips for Travel

  1. Lavender is a versatile oil, which acts as a disinfectant for cuts and scrapes while kick starting your body’s own healing process. A drop or two of lavender on your pillow or in your travel diffuser supports a restful sleep. Lavender essential oil can also be used as a mosquito insect repellant. 


  1. Immune Protection is keyStaying healthy while traveling is a top priority so my daily routine includes the doTERRA OnGuard Protective blend which has cloveorangecinnamon barkeucalyptus and rosemary. The individual oils have antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral properties which are activated by the powerful cinnamon bark. The combination is an amazing proactive natural, health option. I also make a simple hand sanitizer and cleaning spray for dirty surfaces (airplane trays, hotel remote controls, etc.). Added bonus – it smells great.


  1. Digestive Support for the unexpectedGinger is well known for reducing nausea and motion sickness and as an essential oil it is portable and easy to use a drop when needed. Peppermint is soothing and cooling as well as helpful if you encounter food poisoning from being adventurous in a new location (or at home). doTERRA’s DigestZen Digestive Blend has both ginger and peppermint while adding tarragonfennelcarawaycoriander and anise, which help with indigestion and support your digestive system health.


  1. Lemon is delicious and uplifting which makes it a great addition to your morning water or tea and even to help purify local water. Smelled or diffused,lemon essential oil can help if air pollution is an issue. Apply only where covered in the sun as citrus oils can make you more sensitive to sunburn. 


  1. Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree) is antifungal and great to apply to feet before using public swimming areas or even hotel room floors. We use it daily as a spray mixed with water to prevent lice and on bug bites. And if you end up sick from that recycled airplane air, Melaleuca can be used to combat a wide variety of infections.


  1. Wild Orange is my favorite oil! I love the smell and taste and keep it near me at all times. It is a practical oil removing gunk and disinfecting surfaces (like well-used tray tables) or hands. Orange helps settle down, anxious or stressed feelings which are a part of many travel experiences.


  1. Respiratory Support is critical to travel enjoyment. No one enjoys feeling stuffy or having a headache while traveling. Inhaling peppermint essential oil instantly clears my head and rubbing a drop between my hands to touch my temples and/or back of head and neck helps (just stay away from your eyes).


  1. Frankincense has so many benefits and uses that if you are space constrained, just take Frankincense. Bump your knee? Swelling? Sick? Jet lag? Your help is in this single oil.

For a fun and friendly way to learn more, meet Lila the Lavender Fairy as she introduces you to Joy the Wild Orange Dragon and other Essential Explorers™ through her travel story “Meet the Essential Explorers: Begin Your Awesome Adventure©” at essentialexplorers.comYou can buy oils here. Happy exploring!


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8 Essential Oils for Traveling

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