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9 awesome travel Snapchat accounts you should be following! 9 Best Travel accounts on Snapchat

I love SnapChat and probably should cut back on how much time I spend on there. Since I am part of the travel blogger community I am sure it comes as no surprise that I follow a lot of travel influencers on SnapChat. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order!

Explore with Erin  – Obviously I am a massive fan of Explore with Erin and I am lucky enough to call her one of my dear friends. She has endless amounts of energy and I love seeing what her and her two kids are up to on any given day. They are currently exploring Melbourne!

Explore with Erin on Snapchat

Angie Away – Angie at Angie Away is based in Florida and always up to something fun. I planned my next trip to St. Lucia based on her Snapchat story while she was there! I had the pleasure of meeting her once in person down in Cancun and once at Universal. img 6971

Expat Edna – I am a little new to Expat Edna. I just discovered her. She is another gal I enjoy following. I like her vibe and she’s always up to something it seems. Right now she’s in Korea covering the Olympics. I am jealous.Expat Edna on Snapchat

Travel Tom Tom – The Travel Tom Tom guy is all over the place. Last time I checked, he was snapping from the Maldives. (I hope I am doing this in my near future!) His life appears to be epic and he’s funny.

img 6986

Tara Settembre – Tara from When Tara Met Blog is just delightful. We are friends in real life and she’s always traveling around doing something fun. Sometimes her adorable twin boys are with her too.

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Tara Settembre on Snapchat

Drew Binsky – Drew Binsky is another guy all over the place. The other day I watched him in a jungle somewhere in Africa checking out chimps and gorillas. It was amazing enough that I looked past all his evolution comments about us coming from apes. (I’m one of the morons he refers to that doesn’t think I came from an ape. 😂 Granted, one time at the Animal Kingdom the kids and I stopped to watch a gorilla. We couldn’t figure out what he was doing. After about 20 minutes of observing we realize he was throwing up his food into his hand over and over and then eating it.)

img 6966Getting Stamped – I didn’t realize until visiting their blog that Getting Stamped is a traveling couple. I mistakenly thought it was just Hannah. She is the one I see on Snapchat. She went viral recently for a photo at Petra, so chances are you’ve already heard of her. Update: I recently met the couple behind Getting Stamped and they are awesome.

img 7111Intrepid Escape – Scott from Intrepid Escape seems to always be on the go. I’m fairly new to his account, but he seems to be constantly training for a marathon. Scott Intrepid Escape on Snapchat

Mommy Travels – Shameless plug. I’m also on Snapchat and would be honored for you to follow along on our travel adventures around the world and as I harass my teenage children!  I am based out of Portland, Oregon so many of my snaps are out and about in Portland. We are about to visit Disney, so it will be Disney mania for the next nine days!

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Mommy Travels on Snapchat

Do you have a favorite travel account on Snapchat? Share it in the comments. I am always looking for fun travel snappers!