Is the next holiday trip planning spinning in your mind? But not sure which location will be a perfect holiday destination for you. Well! Let me acquaint you with the famous beach destination located off the west shoreline of Malaysia. Its beautiful parks, astonishing panoramas, ancient monuments, and natural beaches will surely make your holiday unforgettable. I think you have guessed the destination. Yes, it is Langkawi Island, the most popular destination in Malaysia. Did you know that people call it “Jewel of Kedah” also?  It is because Langkawi is an archipelago of more than 99 islands. And also, linked with the kingdom of Kedah. 

Without delaying a minute, you should plan your trip to the amazing beach destination. If you are thinking about which place to visit and what things to do there. Then, no worries. I have compiled a list of Top places to visit and things to do in Langkawi in 2 days. Let’s explore the amazing things that you should add to your Langkawi travel itinerary.

Top places to visit  in Langkawi

Sky bridge and cable carSky bridge and cable car in Langkawi

Located on the top of Mount Mat Cincang, Sky bridge is the most visited place in Langkawi.  It should be first in your Langkawi travel itinerary, and you will get to know why? This 124-meter long curved bridge, hanging in the air, is offering marvelous panorama to its visitors.  You can see and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the tropical rain forest and the Telaga Tujuh waterfalls from 700 meters above sea level. The cable car is the only way to reach Sky bridge.  In this 15 minutes cable car ride, you will cross by the unimaginable view of waterfalls and lush green forests. It can hold around 250 people at one time.  Do you know the price of the cable car ticket? For adults, it’s RM35 and for children RM25(two to 12 years old). 

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Dataran Lang (Eagle Square)Eagle Square Langkawi

Eagle square is another well-known place that I have added to the top places to visit in Langkawi list.  It is famous because of its 12-meter gigantic sculpture of an eagle. Located in Kuah, this grand eagle sculpture is a five-minute stroll from various Langkawi attractions such as Kuah Jetty, Jetty Point Mall, Taman Lagenda Dalam Langkawi, and many more. It is a mind-boggling example of man-made creation, where a man has put his effort, skills, and imagination together. The eagle sculpture wings are fully open. When you see this stunning sculpture, it looks like the eagle is ready to fly.  The prominent landmark is surrounded by small gardens, fountains, restaurants, etc.  Also, you can enjoy the ferries flying in the ocean. It is 24 *7 open. So, visit here at any time, any day. This place will welcome you with a warm heart.

Pantai Cenang BeachSunset at Pantai Cenang Beach

Wanted to feel touristy vibes? Pantai Cenang Beach would be the ideal place to give you all the touristy vibes.  With its scenic beach beauty, Pantai Cenang Beach houses many eateries, memento shops, and duty-free outlets. It is known as the busiest beach on Langkawi Island. It attracts many expatriates, locals, and international tourists. Did you know that Langkawi International Airport is so close to Pantai Cenang Beach? Yes! Just a 10 minutes drive.  The family-friendly attractions make it a perfect holiday destination. Kiki Club is quite famous in Pantai Cenang Beach. Don’t forget to visit there when you are in Langkawi. You can spend your time there by watching sea tides, trying different delicious cuisines, and enjoying duty-free shopping.

Night Marketyummy street food at Langkawi’s Night Markets

Who can afford to miss to relish the local culture and cuisine when you are in Langkawi? As the sun sets, the Langkawi night market starts setting up. The local vendors sell clothes, toys, mementos, and many more things at a great deal. You can meet up with many localities and experience their culture, also. But before heading for the night market, get a piece of complete information where it has set up today. The night market is set up in different places every day. The famous night market in Ullu Melaka is set up on Monday.  I’m sure you are ready to enjoy the colorful life of the Langkawi night market.

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Langkawi Wildlife Park:

Langkawi Wildlife Park is a habitat for approximately 2500 fascinating birds and animals. And one of the marvelous places to visit in Langkawi. If you are pondering which spot would be suitable for a family day out, then the answer is Langkawi Wildlife Park.  It is the ideal place for a family day out as well as for animal lovers. The whole wildlife park is splendid. It has even retail outlets and a crystal store in the wildlife park.  If you want to feed the animals, you can. Even you can watch them from nearly but need to follow the guidance of trained handlers. It is all-day open between 8:30 to 6:00 pm. The entry fees for an adult is RM39 and for children is RM22.  Don’t miss visiting this place in two days’ Langkawi travel itinerary.

Things to do in Langkawi

Duty-free shopping

Langkawi is a “Duty-free island.”   Kuah and Pantai Cenang are the main cities where we can find many duty-free outlets. Who wouldn’t like to shop at lower prices? I guess most of the tourists would love to shop. You can purchase countless things from duty-free shops such as gifts, mementos, embroideries, alcohol, nicotine, chocolates,  wearables, electronics, house items, etc.  If you are a brand fanatic, then enjoy discounts up to 25% and 75% for popular brands such as Pepero, Adidas, Nike,  Fererro, etc. Amazing, right? Duty-free shopping adds spice to your Langkawi holiday trip.

Local delicacies for your taste budsDurian – Langkawi’s most unique fruit

Langkawi food is a perfect amalgam of sweet, tangy, and spicy to satisfy your gustatory organ. If you wanted to enjoy local street food, visit the night market.  You can relish the different Langkawi street foods. But remember, the night market is in a different location daily.  

A Tomato Restaurant named Nasi Kandar Tomato is quite famous here, also.  This restaurant has tempting foods on its menu at affordable prices that everyone keeps visiting.

Don’t miss to try the delicious Langkawi food.

Island hopping tour

Being an archipelago of more than 99 islands, you can explore the small islands around the central occupied island. While exploring these tiny islands, you can enjoy the many fascinating sights that won’t allow you to blink your eyes even for a second. The best way to island hopping is to rent a speed boat and explore the small islands. But don’t forget to bargain for rent. You can ask your boatman for suggestions. You might end up with some breathtaking spots on the island. So, start your island hopping tour from  Kuah Jetty or Tanjung Rhu Jetty and enjoy the beautiful nature around you.

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Take a Langkawi Mangrove tourMangrove tour on Speed boat at the Kilim Karst Geo-forest in Langkawi

The next thing to do in Langkawi is the Langkawi mangrove tour.  Mangrove forests are prominent for the ecosystem of the island. In 2004, when the tsunami hit here, mangrove forests helped to sustain the ecosystem and reduce the damage.  So, mangrove forests are required to protect the island ecosystem. You need a speed boat to take a tour of the mangrove forest.  If you are enthusiastic about plants and wildlife, a mangrove forest tour will be best for you to know about how plants and wildlife function collectively in the ecosystem.  It will take around 2-3 hours to complete the mangrove tour. So, are you ready to see broken caves, pellucid ponds in the mangrove tour?

Relax your mind and body in Air Hangat Village

If you are exhausted and need some me time, then visit  Air Hangat Village. Air Hangat Village has several hot springs, and it is said that these hot springs have various healing properties. 

The water of the hot spring is quite hot.  If anyone has a problem like an allergy to hot water, they shouldn’t try it. And if you are good with hot water and have any pains; then, this is one of the most all-embracing approaches to relax the body. Wanted to enjoy a separate open-air Jacuzzi or choose to dip in a giant public pool, it’s your choice.

“Visit these breathtaking places to make your Langkawi trip memorable. Every destination has its masterpiece that attracts tourists.  Spare some time because panorama views of Langkawi island are waiting to greet you.  Enjoy your Langkawi trip!”


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