After a stressful few years, we all deserve a vacation. However, However, a recent study found that 57% of parents are stressed when traveling with their kids – whether they’re worried about keeping their teens entertained or dread hearing ‘are we there yet’ 1000 times in a row.

Despite this, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to take the stress out of the vacation so that you can focus on having fun and making memories. 


Give yourself plenty of time to plan.

When working to make your trip enjoyable, you must give yourself plenty of time to plan out the finer details of your holiday, such as travel, accommodation, and the attractions you want to visit. This way, you’ll have a clear idea in mind of everything you need to book or pay for so that you aren’t scrambling to make bookings at the last minute or upon your arrival. Furthermore, advanced planning gives you more chances to save up some extra money that you can then use as spending money when abroad. 

When you’re doing this, make sure you think of everything. The flights and accommodation will be the most obvious, but there’ll be quite a few other things to worry about. Activities, transport, and even something like luggage storage Barcelona, can all be factors that you’ll have to think of. If they’re overlooked, you could end up causing a lot of stress in the lead-up to the holiday, or even when you land.

Avoiding this makes sure you can enjoy your vacation with your kids from the start. You won’t need to worry about any last-minute stress.

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Find a family-friendly destination.

Some destinations just aren’t family-friendly – which can quickly put a dampener on your trip. For example, you wouldn’t want to arrive at a hotel only to find there’s nothing in the area for your kids to do, meaning they spend the whole time on their phones or game consoles. As a result, you should figure out what the best places to holiday with your family are. Cornwall is an excellent family-friendly destination because there is something on offer for holidaymakers of all ages, especially those looking for an adventurous trip. For example, there are a range of children’s activity centers in the area, alongside plenty of cultural and historical landmarks for your to visit. 

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Stick within your budget.

Money management can cause stress in all areas of our lives, and many people do not go on vacation as they believe they cannot afford it. However, you can reduce stress (and protect your bank account) by putting together a holiday budget ahead of time and ensuring that you stick to it. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to save money when traveling. For example, contacting hotels directly instead of booking through third-party sites often means you can negotiate a better deal. Additionally, if you’re looking to go on a long road trip, you could use some of these car rental hacks to save money.


Pack early.

Whether you are traveling with carry-on bags only or have paid for extra luggage, packing for your trip is also a common cause of stress. After all, you don’t want to get halfway across the world only to realize you’ve left your bathing suit at home. You can take the stress out of the process by packing early as opposed to leaving it till the last minute, as this decreases the chances of you forgetting something important. You should also focus on packing light, as you don’t need to take your entire wardrobe with you. 

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