I’m back from another CES and I’ve found some cool travel products that I thought were fantastic. Some of them are so new they will not be available until next year. Others have been out for a while, but I had never seen them before and thought they were worth sharing. Here they are in no particular order.

10 Super Cool Travel Gadgets

Plegium Smart Pepper Sprayimg 6342

The Plegium Smart Pepper spray is the first smart pepper spray that connects to your phone. When activated it immediately sends your location and calls for help. It also has built in siren, strobe LED lights allow you to better see where you need to aim and disorients the attacker. The connectivity to your phone means that when activated is will immediately send out distress calls to your emergency contacts. The app is available for Android and Apple. The super loud siren goes off first, but then switches to a human voice screaming, this way people know it isn’t a car alarm. It sprays over 10 feet. It has a 4-year battery life, meaning no-charging needed. These are available on Amazon for $69.95.


img 6330

The nomadplug is a travel adaptor that works in 195 countries. They have various versions of it, some with a powerbank.  It’s lightweight, compact, stylish and durable. It’s small enough to fit into a purse. Right now this is available on Indiegogo. This means it’s not in production yet. I am unsure how long it will be until they make it into production!

Cinemoodimg 6321

The Cinemood has been out for a while, but I personally had never heard of it. It costs a little too much in my opinion, $399, but I like the idea of taking a projector with you when you go camping. It has a large storage capacity, up to a 5-hour rechargeable battery life, and the ability to create up to a 12-foot projection on any flat surface in the dark. Plus, CINEMOOD gives the eyes and brain a break, eliminating blue light, and providing a safer viewing experience than tablets and TV’s.


img 6305

Looking for a new cooler and spend a lot of time off the grid? If you answered yes, then you need to check out The Rova by Furrion, it is a cooler with a lithium-ion battery allowing users to keep beverages cold for a week! If you add ice, then items will stay cold more than 10 days.

It also features a charging station with USB and Qi wireless. It is outrageously expensive, $799 so I probably wouldn’t buy it. But we’ve never camped for more than 5 days. This smart cooler comes out later this year.

Dreamlight Proimg 6205

The Dreamlight Pro blocks out all light and uses three methods to make people relax and fall asleep faster. It was their claim that it could help you get over jet lag quicker that peaked my interest. Internal orange pulsing lights to promote mindfulness via deep breathing practice.

Embedded premium speakers to deliver the surround-sound effect, feeling like you are in the present of a relaxing and natural environment.

Vocal hypnosis therapy, where a professional instructor guides you to relax your body and mind.

The sleep mask, weights just over 8 ounces, but priced a little steep at $299.

ClearUpimg 6208

There’s a new device coming out later this year the ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief. You use it to treat sinus pain associated with allergic rhinitis/hay fever.

ClearUp is a small, handheld device, that easily glides along the outside of the nasal passages — the cheek, nose and brow bone — to deliver low current electrical waveforms that stimulate the nerves under the skin to help relieve sinus pain. ClearUP will be available over-the-counter without a prescription by mid-2019. It is FDA approved.

Cobra JumPack MiniCobra JumPack Mini

Cobra has a new JumPack mini. Not only can it charge your phone and various devices, but it also will jump your car! For those that have never had to jump a car, there’s no way you can mess up, because it tells you if you put the jumper cables on correctly. Cobra JumPack mini will jump start most cars & trucks with up to 8-cylinder engines. It is so small that it will easily fit in your glove box.

The Cobra JumPack mini includes the battery pack, Smart cables, a 12V DC charger to re-charge while driving, a 120V AC wall charger to re-charge at home and a carrying case to keep everything together. Buy a Cobra JumPack Mini

Jackery Portable Power Station

img 6368 1

The Jackery portable power station was a new one to me. But looking it up it seems to have been around for a bit. It’s a charger, but the beauty is in how portable it is and how many various things it can charge. It’s powerful to charge smartphones, laptops, Gopro, drones, projectors, Mini-Refrigerator or other small power appliances. The portable power station is handy and good use for RV life, camping or in a hurricane type situation. Buy a Jackery Portable Power Station.

Luci Smart Solar Lightimg 6340

One of my favorite products I came across was the Luci inflatable smart solar light by Mpowerd. You inflate the light part and then it runs off of solar energy. The light will display in multiple colors. It’s light weight and collapsible, meaning it takes up very little space in your suitcase. This would be great for camping. It also has a USB port that you can charge your phones off of. Buy a  solar light.

Aderoimg 6271

Adero is a system of Bluetooth-enabled tags that communicate with one another–and you–through an easy-to-use app to help you keep track of things. You can attach their little tags to various items that are supposed to be in a bag. Then after you pack the bag you can check your app to see if everything you need is inside the bag. You can turn your suitcase into a smart suitcase or your travel backpack into a smart backpack. Shop Adero products.

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