Traveling with grandparents can be one of the most rewarding travel experiences you can have and the entire family will create memories to last a lifetime.

There are many things you should factor in when traveling with grandparents, parents, and kids.

Not everyone will want the same thing out of a vacation experience and it’s best to realize this before you are actually on vacation together. When picking a destination be sure to find a place that has lots of things to do, not just stuff for kids.

8 Reason’s Why Traveling with Grandparents is Awesome

1. The grandchildren will bond with their grandparents through shared experiences.

2. Quality time. In this day and age, everyone is so busy all the time, but taking a much needed vacation with extending family can give everyone quality time. Instead of 1 adult versus 2 kids it changes the ration to 1 adult per kid usually to have a grandparent or two along.

3. Alone time! Grandparents can babysit while mom and dad go out for some much needed alone time.

4. Splitting costs! Traveling is expensive, and if you can split the costs with grandparents, chances are you will be able to afford a better vacation.

5. Everyone has a more diverse vacation experience. Kids, parents, and grandparents will likely try something that wouldn’t have done on their own because everyone enjoys different things.

6. Fresh perspective. No two generations look at things the same and everyone will benefit from seeing this from a different perspective.

7. Not many people in this life want to watch your kids do new things, but their grandparents do. Kid’s get a boost from the support of the grandparents and grandparents get a kick out of watching these grandkids thrive and discover new things.

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8. Kids get spoiled. Traveling is already a treat, but lets face it grandparents spoil their grandkids and therefore the children will naturally have more fun when they are around.


travelingwithgrandparentssuckLet’s face it traveling with extended family is not always roses and bubbles. In fact, sometimes it sucks. What was well intended can go wrong in many directions.

8 Reason’s Why Traveling with Grandparents Sucks

1. Grandma needs a wheelchair, but refuses to get one. Now the whole family is stuck waiting for grandma everywhere they go. Thanks grandma!

2. Grandpa can’t hear in loud restaurants. Loud restaurants are more kid-friendly. So you can either make grandpa mad by taking him to a restaurant where he can’t hear and he doesn’t appreciate it or you can take your kids to a nice quiet restaurant where they will proceed to act like total and complete children and embarrass you.

3. Nobody wants to do the same thing. The kids want to go ride roller coasters at Disney World, but grandpa has a bad back.

4. Your parents, aka your kids’ grandparents, want you to drive them around, but they constantly criticize your driving.

5. When you take grandma to the water park she acts like your trying to kill her. It’s not your fault she fell out of her tube at Schlitterbaun, it’s the water’s fault.

6. When you end the day in the hot tub you are forced to see what your grandparents look like in their swimsuits.

7. Mom and dad want to sit at the pool near the bar and have a few cocktails, but the grandparents think mom and dad drink too much.

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8. Grandpa’s old school and likes to smoke cigars. Meanwhile, everyone else in the family doesn’t want to die of lung cancer.

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