As a species, humans have evolved by traveling. It’s our intricate curiosity that made us explore the world, and these days, there is no stone unturned, no corner unexplored, and nothing that is beyond our reach.

While we’re still exploring the oceans and space, we have it covered when it comes to the Earth’s landmass. Not only do we have it covered, but we also have it populated as well. Traveling is one of the most interesting and exciting things you can get into, but what if you have to take your pet with you.

Pets, unlike us, aren’t too keen on traveling, and that’s why you’ll need to prepare accordingly. Your critter might not be as thrilled with the idea of moving places as you are, so you’ll have to know how to keep them as happy as you are, as that’s the best way to reduce travel stress and anxiety.

Worry not, as we have you covered. Below, we’ll give you the top five tips on how you can get your pet to be a champ when you’re traveling with them and how you can reduce anxiety and stress when traveling with your companion. 

1. Get Your Pet Used to the IdeaTraveling With Pets: 5 Tips To Reduce Travel Stress And Anxiety

The first thing you’ll need to pay attention to is your pet. Your pet can’t book airline tickets, nor can they anticipate that they’ll travel anytime soon. It’s your job to inform them, and the best way to do so is to have some practice.

Get your pet used to the idea of traveling, and you’ll never have to worry about them being anxious or causing any issues. This is best done by taking your pet for long walks, on chore duty, or simply going out for a picnic to the other side of town from time to time.

Once your pet gets used to traveling, taking them somewhere farther becomes a hassle-free trip, making everything that much better. 

If you are traveling by air and will be putting them in a carrier have them try it out at home before the flight. 

2. Pack For Your Pet


Traveling anywhere can turn from a pleasure into a nasty ordeal in a second, and that’s why you always want to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Whenever you’re traveling with your pet, you’ll want to pack an additional first aid kit or puppy medkit just in case. 

It’s always better to have one on hand, and you’ll be amazed at just how life-saving having a simple first aid kit can be, not to mention the relief and assurance it brings to the table. 

Furthermore, packing things such as doggie bags, toys, and anything your dog considers sacred will make them ease up on any travel. If they’re still stressed, you might want to consider CBD oil to help you fall asleep.

3. Always Bring Food, Snacks, and Treats

Some pets tend to be cranky, scared, or anxious from traveling, and the best way to get them to do what you want is to bribe them. While it might sound a bit dirty, bribing your pet might be the most ingenious way to get them to behave.

Ask yourself, what does my pet love more than anything. Well, unless the answer is you, food is likely going to be the runner-up.

All pets, no matter the species, breed, or race, are hardwired to love food, which applies to your animal friends too! If you want to ease the tension and make traveling as simple as possible, bring some snacks, treats, and food they like, and we guarantee that they’ll ease up to the idea of traveling almost immediately. 

4. Make Sure to Plan Your Travels Accordingly


Do you know what made humans stand on top of the food chain? We’re not the strongest, biggest, or fastest animals in nature, but we’re one of the creatures with the best endurance on the planet. Now, just because you can go through a massive mountain hike without breaking a sweat doesn’t mean that your pet can. 

This is why you’ll have to plan accordingly. If you plan to take your pet somewhere, make sure they’ll have just as good a time as you, or don’t take them at all. This includes all on-foot trips like walks, hikes, and climbing. 

5. Bring a Lot of Water

Going to the gym and running a marathon on the treadmill might be nothing for you, but we can guarantee that your critter won’t be too pleased with the idea. Dehydration is a real thing, and in severe cases, it can even be deadly. Whenever you’re traveling, always make sure to bring more water than you think you and your pet will need.

Having excess water is not a big problem, but not having enough water can be a major issue, especially when you’re traveling and don’t have instant access to it. 

Final Thoughts

Traveling with your pet anywhere can be a hassle, or it can be an absolute pleasure. Taking your buddy out and about to nature, on very long walks, hikes, or even out of the country doesn’t have to be a stressful situation – and it won’t be as long as you follow our top five tips for traveling with your pet!

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