I use Priceline a lot, as I have mentioned before but another website I often use is Travelocity. This is a good way for me to compare hotels and flights. I don’t always book on this website but I find it a good starting point for pricing things.

I especially like their fare watcher you can sign up for. You can pick up to five different flight destinations and set a price you would like. Then it will notify you if they have something in that price range available.

I’ve noticed that when I search for a hotel a few days later they will send me a coupon for that destination. Travelocity gnational gnomad

Update: I’m a Travelocity Ambassador! I’m so excited to work with a company that I have utilized so much over the years. Here are some of the articles I have written on Travelocity. I’ve written about Mexico, the US, Greece, Disney, Singapore, Thailand and more!

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