20140408-130345.jpg Whistler has a solid tubing park near the base of Blackcomb and you can drive all the way up to it without having to take a lift. I will not give your directions, because I feel confident they would only get your lost. I will say that there are signs everywhere directing you to it. So, if someone can point you in the general direction you will see tons of signs to get you all the way there.

Tubing in WhistlerThere is a tickets stand right next to the parking lot. Cost: Adults – $21, Kids 13-18 years old $19, Kids 3-12 years old $16, Kids under 3 $14.

After you get a ticket that attaches to your jacket just like a ski ticket you walk over and get a tube. Once you have a tube it seems a ways to walk before you get on the moving carpet. The carpet moves pretty slow and you are not allowed to walk on it.

Once at the top there are 1-8 lanes open. When we went they only had a few lanes open, so we had to stand in line and wait quite a bit.


At first when I looked at the hill I wasn’t that impressed, but once we were going down it I thought it was great.


Here is a video of my daughter and I going down the tubing lane. This should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.