I am a huge fan of waterparks and I must say Walt Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon water park did not disappoint. It has everything that you need for an excellent day including an incredible kids area, lazy river, wave pool, tube slides, body slides, and even a water coaster.
 Typhoon Lagoon

 What I loved about Typhoon Lagoon:

  • Massive kid’s zone – They had an extensive kiddie water park with sand to play in and tube rides for small children.
  • Lots to do – There is so much to do with a large wave pool, body slides, snorkeling, a lazy river, tube slides and more.
  • Wave pool – I know I already mentioned the wave pool, but it is massive and according to my children the best wave pool in America.
  • Free Life Jackets – You can bring your own life jackets for the kids, but there is really no need to, because they offer kids life jackets for free. You pick them up in the same area you would get a locker.
  • Bring your own food and cooler – You can bring in a full size cooler. Unlike the other Disney parks where you can only bring in soft sided coolers, there are no restrictions on them here. We took in a large hard sided cooler filled with food, because we knew we were be there all day.
  • Bring in a stroller – We took our stroller for the baby to take his nap in. We found a spot in the sand near the kiddie area and set up for the day!
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Castaway Creek aka Lazy River

Typhoon Lagoon Lazy river

My kids could spend all day in a lazy river. The one at Typhoon lagoon is excellent, which is no surprise considering it is 2,000-foot-long. It winds it’s way almost all around the waterpark, fully circling the wave pool. There are lots of places where you can get in and out which means instead of walking around the park you can just ride the river around. Castaway Creek the Lazy River at Typhoon Lagoon

Kid’s area at Typhoon Lagoon: Ketchakiddee Creek

 The kid’s area is awesome. It includes a large ship where you can spray water at people, tunnels, and tube slides just for kids, tiny slides on a splash pad, and soft things to climb on. When my kids were little they would play here for hours!Little kid tub slide at Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon Kids area

Typhoon Lagoon splash area for kids

Typhoon Lagoon

Wave Pool

The wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon is massive. 


Surf Lessons at Typhoon Lagoon

Before your trip, consider making reservations for surf lessons at Typhoon Lagoon. It’s always great to work in a special experience or two, like a tour or an event. This is one of only a few opportunities to learn something from experts at Disney. The surfing lessons take place at the Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool in the mornings, before the park opens. Continental breakfast is even provided. Plus, they include photography of your session. Sessions last only 2.5 hours and they only allow 12 students at a time, so you need a reservation. The cost per session is $190.

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Crush n GusherTyphoon Lagoon

The Crush n Gusher water ride is a “water coaster” that the water pushes so hard on it even sends you up hill. We’ve had to wait in line every time but it’s always worth it. It dumps you into a large pool where you can swim and hang out 


Lots of Water Slides

Large tube slide at Typhoon Lagoon
This is a picture of the bottom of one of the bigger tube slides. There are two large tube rides and a family tube ride called Gangplank Falls where the whole family to can go on the ride together. Plus, body slides. 

Meet Characters

At Typhoon Lagoon you can meet Lilo and Stitch. These characters are a lot of fun to interact with. Lilo and Stitch are two of the less common characters and they fit in perfectly in the tropical setting of Typhoon Lagoon. I have seen a few others but rarely.

Bring Snacks

There are plenty of places to get refreshments at the Disney water parks, but they aren’t cheap. They aren’t on any top ten lists for best food at Disney World either. These aren’t bad places for a bite to eat, and swimming makes you hungry.

However, you can really help your budget out by bringing some snacks and beverages of your own, so you can avoid the marked up pricing. Both of the water parks at Disney allow you to bring in coolers. 

Know the Dress Code

There is a code to follow when it comes to attire. You have to keep it appropriate for a family environment, but keep safety in mind as well. Avoid wearing anything with exposed metal, or buckles, rivets and zippers. If you have any of these you will not be allowed on any attractions. Some specific attractions will not allow jeans or wetsuits to be worn.

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Another thing to consider is diaper age children. They are allowed, but they must wear either swim diapers, or plastic pants while in the pool area.

Random tidbits about Typhoon Lagoon:
  • The lazy river has smaller inner tubes for children.
  • If it rains everyone leaves. Wait it out and you will have the water park all to yourself!
  • You can take the Disney buses to both of Disney’s water parks. 

Joffrey’s Mini Donuts

Oh, and whatever you decide to eat here be sure to get some of Joffrey’s Mini donuts. This will be the best Disney World snack you have ever had! (Well, maybe?) These mini donuts are delicious and you can get white chocolate, chocolate, or raspberry dipping sauce. We eat 2 or 3 dozen every time we visit.
Joffrey's mini donuts are the best Disney World snack
After discussing Typhoon Lagoon, its immense popularity among tourists, and the sheer variety of rides the water park offers, I’m sure you can agree it’s a magical place. Whether you’re looking to cool off from the Florida heat or want to explore some of Disney’s amazing attractions, Typhoon Lagoon should definitely be on your travel list. From the thrilling slides to the calming experiences available here, there is something for everyone – and it’s that diversity which keeps guests returning time and again. So, what are you waiting for? Make plans to visit Typhoon Lagoon soon! And let me know: What is your favorite ride at Typhoon Lagoon? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Best of luck and have fun!
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