Are you in dire need of a refreshing and delicious cocktail? Well, look no further than the Don Papa Ube Colada! Filled with tropical flavors and handsomely purple for an eye-catching presentation, it is the perfect signature sip for any rum lover. Not to mention the fact that this drink will effortlessly transport you directly into paradise – what’s not to love? Let’s learn how to make it together!

Ube Colada Recipe

Created by Don Papa Rum


2 oz Don Papa Rum 7-Year Rum

1 oz Coconut Water

1 oz Halaya Purple Yam Jam

¾ oz Pineapple Juice

½ oz Coconut Milk

Sweetened coconut cream

Glassware: Hurricane Glass

Garnish: Crumbled, Dehydrated Pineapple and Sweetened Coconut Cream


Add all ingredients into a blend with a small scoop of ice.

Blend until smooth and pour into a large goblet or hurricane glass.

Top with Sweetened coconut cream.

Garnish with crumbled dehydrated pineapple (or fruit of choice).