Upromise is a simple way to save money for college. Find out how it works and start saving for your kids education today!

I think I have mentioned UPromise a half a dozen times now, but I have to mention it again. I just transferred a little over $200 into my sons 529 plan and it felt so good.  I accumulated all the money by registering my credit cards, grocery cards, and using their coupons.  I got some of my family to do the same so the savings are adding up faster than ever!  My dad has been doing it since June and it already added up to over $60!!  Upromise – Start Your Kid’s College Savings Today – Join Nowimage 3447064 10428611

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Save Money For Your Kid’s College Education

image 3447064 10428611I participate in Upromise for all three of my kids. It is a great program and it’s FREE. I just registered my grocery cards and credit cards; and the money in their accounts just keeps going up. I just found out they now have electronic coupons!

As a Upromise image 3447064 10428611member, you can save for college on everyday purchases such as gas, groceries, dining out—even when you shop online. And you can invite your family and friends to help you save too. When they join, a portion of their eligible spending can be deposited into your Upromise account—automatically.

Save Money on College Books

Everyone needs more ways to save money getting their kids through college.  Here are a few websites to help you save money on books.