Taking a trip to Europe provides the opportunity to learn more about the history of the countries there, as well as enjoy the stunning natural attractions and gorgeous architecture for which Europe is best known. However, when you’re coming from another part of the world, the cost of a European escapade can be high. Between flights, lodging, and sightseeing, the total for the experience may seem outside your reach. But with Next Vacay, you can score amazing deals on European flights, making your vacation budget stretch farther.

What Next Vacay Is

Next Vacay is a subscription-based service that provides instant flight alerts to help you get the best possible prices for flights to a wide range of destinations. When you sign up as a user, you’ll input your location and Next Vacay uses that to find the nearest airport(s). Any airport within four hours will typically be included in your customized search, allowing you to get deals personalized for your location. All prices included in your alert emails are for roundtrip airfare, which means you can plan and budget for the total cost of the trip.

Next Vacay sends deals for many destinations across Europe, whether you’re looking to visit Germany in the fall or experience the spring tulips in the Netherlands.

By signing up for a membership with Next Vacay, you can score great deals on your transportation costs. With the money you save on the flight, you may even be able to take a longer Europe trip or see more cities and countries along the way.

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How Next Vacay is Different From Its Competitors

One of the key differences between Next Vacay and other flight deal providers is the level of customization you get. When you sign up for alerts from other companies or sites, you may receive information about flights from all different departure locations. Sifting through a long list of deals that are only available far from you isn’t very helpful, and it can waste a lot of time. With Next Vacay, your alert emails will include great prices for flights leaving from where you live, saving you time and effort.

Next Vacay also utilizes an innovative system that was built by a husband-and-wife team who wanted to take advantage of lower-priced airfare. They initially used the system on their own, extending it to friends and family who were impressed by their ability to save on flights. As the demand grew, the Next Vacay team continued to improve the system and release it on a wider scale, providing access to those who wanted to get great deals on airfare as well.

The system scans thousands of databases to find the best possible prices, but the innovation doesn’t stop there. After pinpointing deals, the team behind Next Vacay will verify the pricing before sending it on to you. Every flight alert you receive in your customized email communications has been vetted for accuracy, so you can book your ticket at that price. You do have to act quickly, as great deals on airfare tend to go quickly.

Next Vacay also is not a third-party booking agent, which means you don’t have to go through the company to reserve your seat. Additionally, Next Vacay doesn’t get any kickback from any of the airlines for providing its service. You get unbiased information that helps you decide when you book your flight to your desired European destination. The links included in the alert emails provide direct you to book through the airline’s booking system.

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By booking directly with the airline, you can save on any potential finders or third-party fees. Another benefit is the communication aspect — any changes or updates regarding the flight status will come straight from the airline to keep you in the know.

As a single source for flight alerts, Next Vacay eliminates the need to sign up for a range of newsletters, online accounts, and emails. You don’t need to worry about tracking frequent flyer miles or sticking to one airline for all your flights. Instead, you can enjoy great prices without the hassle.

How to Use Next Vacay to Save Money on a Europe Trip

Linderhof Castle in Germany

Linderhof Castle in Germany

If you’d like to take advantage of the benefits available from Next Vacay to book your next trip to Europe, get started by signing up as a user. Currently, you can sign up with a free 30-day trial to see how the platform works and start getting your email alerts, customized to your departure location.

As soon as you sign up, Next Vacay will begin scanning the thousands of databases built into its system. You may start receiving emails packed with flight deals within just a few hours of signing up, depending on what’s available from your location. Keep an eye on those emails and book as soon as you see a price and European destination that fits into your budget. After all, other travelers will be looking for deals as well, so you don’t want to miss out by not acting quickly enough.

How Much Next Vacay Costs

After the 30-day trial period ends, the cost of the subscription-based service is $25 per year. Next Vacay is so confident that you’ll find deals that they also offer a six-month money-back guarantee. If you don’t find the service helpful and aren’t able to get a flight, you can get your subscription fee back within six months of signing up. 

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Cancellations – If you decide that you should cancel your Next Vacay membership be sure to do it before it auto renews!

No matter what you want to see in Europe, Next Vacay can help you get there at a great price. Europe is a continent known for its rich history, gorgeous castles, and historic, educational attractions, so it’s always worth visiting. You can travel solo to experience what Europe has to offer or bring the family along for a learning experience. Next Vacay gives you the flexibility and freedom to travel without breaking the bank.