I got to attend a travel blogger briefing about UV eye safety a few weeks ago by the Vision Council and I’m excited to pass on what I learned.

If you’ve read this blog for very long you know that my daughter suffers from an eye condition caused by allergies that is difficult to control. When it’s at its worst she becomes extremely sensitive to light. So, our family knows first hand how crucial it is to protect your eyes, no matter what your age is. If your child is overly sensitive to sunlight take them to see an eye doctor immediately, not the pediatrician. This is a sign that something is wrong.

As you can see, I’m not kidding, we have everyone covered!

What You Need to Know About UV Rays

Now back to the UV eye safety briefing I got to attend. Here’s some of the great stuff I learned.

  • By the time a child turns 18, they will have acquired nearly 80% of lifetime exposure to UV. Kids need to wear sunglasses.
  • Always carry/pack sunglasses with you that way you have them when you need them, because your eyes can get SUNBURNED!
  • Some cities have more intense UV Rays then others: Rome, Italy, Orlando, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Atlanta. Here’s a chart for you to check.
  • If you are wearing sunscreen you should also be wearing sunglasses.
  • When skiing, you should be wearing at least sunglasses, goggles would be even better because snow reflects 85% of UV light!

Kids ski goggles are very affordable. We got our kids ski goggles at Big 5 on Black Friday for $10 a pair.

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Wondering what the UV levels are near you?
In case you are unsure what type of protection to get or unsure which is the best to purchase check out this great guide.

As you plan your future travel heading into fall – please remember to pack your UV-protective eyewear – and take lots of pictures! The Vision Council would love to see your UV safety practices in action and hope that you will share them on The Vision Council’s Facebook page. Or, tweet travel pictures with their designated hashtag #UVTips4Travelers.