how to find a Vegas Club PromoterI just got back from Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago for my best friend’s bachelorette party and I wanted to share a unique experience I have had a couple of times that might enhance your trip! Especially for you first timers!

Now the one thing I think is essential to having an incredible time in Vegas is a club promoter! This might only apply to girls… But if you’re a man traveling with a female this may also apply. I’m not sure because the past few trips I’ve been on have been for bachelorette parties!

Why use a Vegas Club Promoter?

Club promoters are people who get paid to find people to party at their clubs. Here are some of the benefits of going to a place a club promoter sends you:

  • Getting admitted to clubs and day clubs for free
  • Usually skipping the line to get in (or going to a much faster line)
  • Being in the know of which clubs are the most fun on specific nights (for example we got to see David Guetta at XS on a Friday night! Totally wouldn’t have known he was even there without my promoter)!
  • Sometimes you get free drinks!!!
  • Special privileges! We got a special cabana at the Tao day club because it was through a promoter.

How to Find a Club Promoter:

They are usually in the hotels. Or you can ask one of the staff in the casino. I would recommend asking friends who have been to Vegas before! I have an amazing one so if anyone would like his info let me know!!! They can also be found on twitter!

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So many people have contacted me about who my club promoter is. Hopefully he won’t care that I shared it here. His name is CJ, his number is 7027084409 and his email is He was getting men and women into the clubs for free!

Find out how to Get a club promotor in Las Vegas and get in free to all the night clubs.

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