These pictures are in no particular order but I just wanted to start sharing a little bit about Venice. Venice was astounding. It was by far my favorite of the places we went to on our trip. I have never seen a city like this and I suppose that’s why it is so famous. I knew beforehand it would be incredible, but Venice surpassed my expectations.  I hope we have an opportunity to take our children to Venice.

This first photo is taken along the walkway between the water and St. Marks Basilica.About Venice This is a picture of some buildings on the Grand Canal.

One the last day of our trip we listen to Rick Steve’s podcast touring the Grand Canal. Instead of riding in a water taxi we walked it using our map. We saw a lot of other cool stuff by doing it this way.

about Venice
This is the only time we ate spaghetti the entire time we were in Italy. We did eat a lot of other pasta! It was our first night in Venice and our hotel recommended a British pub as a good place to eat and hang out. Sure enough, the food was great and there was a bunch of British people in there watching soccer!

about Venice
A bridge, I don’t remember which one.

about Venice
This is right outside our hotel at night. We were on one of the gondola routes and each night we could hear the singing and accordion.

About Venice Italy