wyndham vacation rentalsThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wyndham Vacation Rentals.
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Wyndham Vacation Rentals is celebrating National Vacation Rental Month by offering up to 35 percent off at WyndhamVacationRentals.com

Did you know that July is National Vacation Rental Month and also the most popular month to stay in a vacation rental?

I didn’t and we use vacation rentals all the time. In fact as I type this I am sitting in a vacation rental in Munich Germany! (yes, I’m bragging) Our place has a fully equipped kitchen and a manual to explain how to use everything. Thank goodness, because I had never used some of them before!

Why get a vacation rental?

For us getting a vacation rental is usually cheaper. There are five of us and many rooms will only accommodate 4 people. Which means if we get caught squeezing in that 3rd child (which we do constantly it seems) we may end up having to get two rooms instead of one. It is usually way cheaper to just get a vacation rental instead of 2 hotel rooms. Plus, then we usually have multiple bathrooms and a washer and dryer. Although I despise having to do laundry on vacation it is awesome to have a washer and dryer in your vacation rental. Otherwise you will be going around wasting time trying to find a laundry mat, which in foreign countries is horrible and expensive. One time in Scotland I let them do my laundry for me. They literally shrank ALL of my clothes.

Wyndham Vacation Rentals can be found all over the place and we have stayed in several of them. We even lived down the street from one of them for two years in Panama City Beach them, the Emerald Beach Resort. I highly recommend this place and the area.

We were in the Bavarian Alps before we came to Munich and it would have been incredible to have gotten a Wyndham Vacation Rental there. Just look at these places in the Bavarian Alps! While in the Alps we stayed at the military lodge and one of these units would have been way better and cheaper. I could have done laundry in our own unit instead of having to sit in a laundry room while the rest of my family had fun without me. This is definitely what I will be booking the next time in the Alps.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wyndham Vacation Rentals.