January in the northern hemisphere means a lot of snow and cooler weather for most, leading travelers who want to go on vacation to look for warmer destinations to visit. As they should or embrace the cold and go skiing. From the white sand beaches of Florida to the thrilling theme parks in Southern California, the country offers a variety of destinations with mild temperatures and sunny days.

Whether you choose to celebrate the new year in the enchanting Disney World or explore the unique landscapes of Joshua Tree National Park, there’s a good reason why these warm places are popular attractions during the holiday season. So, pack your bags and head to these warm havens for an unforgettable start to the year, filled with sunshine, adventure, and the promise of a winter escape like no other.

San DiegoHotel Del Coronado

Nestled along the southern coast of California, San Diego is a perfect winter retreat. Boasting an average high temperature in the low 70s, this city offers a great mix of outdoor activities and cultural attractions. From the historic Balboa Park, home to museums, gardens, and the famous San Diego Zoo, to the vibrant Gaslamp Quarter with its live music and bustling nightlife, San Diego provides a great time for visitors of all tastes.

Palm SpringsPalm Springs, California

Those seeking the allure of desert landscapes and warm temperatures, Palm Springs is an ideal destination. With winter months characterized by daytime temperatures in the 70s, this resort city is renowned for its golf courses, hot springs, and stunning views of the San Jacinto Mountains. It’s a great place to unwind and enjoy the tranquility of the desert environment. We think that the Omni Rancho Las Palmas is the Perfect Place for Families to Stay in Palm Springs and we highly recommend Touring the San Andreas Fault.

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South Padre IslandSouth Padre Island

Head down to South Padre Island for a taste of the tropics in the Lone Star State. With its average temperature hovering around the low 70s in January, this barrier island off the coast of Texas is perfect for water activities, including beachcombing, kiteboarding, and dolphin watching. It’s an excellent spot for a sunny winter getaway.

Puerto RicoSan Cristobal Castle

Escape to the island of Puerto Rico for a warm and vibrant January getaway. With its average high temperature in the mid-80s, Puerto Rico offers a perfect blend of historical charm and natural beauty. Old San Juan, with its colorful Spanish colonial architecture, is a must-visit, and nature lovers will appreciate the lush landscapes of El Yunque National Forest.

Las VegasView of Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is often associated with neon lights and bustling casinos, it’s also a fantastic winter destination. With daytime temperatures reaching the low 60s, January is an ideal time to explore outdoor activities like hiking in Red Rock Canyon or taking a drive to the nearby Death Valley National Park. Las Vegas has more to offer than just the glitz of the Strip.

Key WestKey West 3 Day Itinerary

For a taste of the laid-back island life, head to Key West in the Florida Keys. With its beautiful beaches, warm waters, and average high temperatures in the mid-70s, Key West is a perfect place to escape the winter chill. Explore the historic district, enjoy water activities, and witness the stunning sunsets at Mallory Square. Here’s our 3-Day Key West Itinerary.

New Orleans

January marks the beginning of the Mardi Gras season in New Orleans, making it an exciting time to visit this vibrant city. With average temperatures in the mid-60s, it’s a great spot for exploring the historic French Quarter, enjoying live music, and indulging in the city’s famous cuisine. New Orleans is a unique and lively destination for a warm winter escape. We recommend staying at Bourbon Orleans.

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Anna Maria Island

Those seeking a quieter beach retreat, Anna Maria Island on Florida’s Gulf Coast is a hidden gem. With its gorgeous beaches, average high temperatures in the mid-70s, and easy access to the cultural attractions of nearby Sarasota, this island is a perfect place for a relaxing winter getaway.


The Hawaiian Islands, with their warm temperatures and sunny weather, are an ideal destination year-round. In January, the Big Island offers a unique experience with its diverse landscapes, including active volcanoes and lush rainforests. Whether it’s exploring the beaches, hiking in volcanic craters, or whale watching for humpback whales, Hawaii provides an unparalleled winter escape.


Charleston, South Carolina, with its historic district and gorgeous beaches, is a delightful winter destination. With average temperatures in the low 60s, it’s an ideal time for outdoor adventures and exploring the city’s rich history. Take a stroll through the historic district, visit plantations, and enjoy the charming southern hospitality.

San AntonioSan Antonio

San Antonio, with its rich cultural heritage (and one of my personal favorites), is another gem offering warm weather and a plethora of activities. Visitors can stroll along the historic sites of the Alamo, explore the vibrant River Walk, and enjoy the festivities that extend into the new year. Here are 7 Kid Attractions in San Antonio to help you start planning. We recommend staying at either Mokara Hotel or Hotel Emma.

In January, when much of the United States is grappling with cold weather and winter storms, these warm places offer a perfect respite. From the sun-drenched beaches of Florida to the desert oases of California and the vibrant culture of New Orleans, there’s a warm destination for every traveler.

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Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, historical charm, or simply a break from the winter blues, these places provide the ideal setting for a memorable and enjoyable winter getaway. So pack your bags, escape the cold, and embrace the sunshine in these best warm places to visit in January in the USA.

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