10 Things Kids Should Do Before Growing Up

There are definitely a lot of things a person can, and should do, before becoming an adult. This story is a partial look at some of those things.

Children should keep a special journal, an account of their wishes and dreams, hopes and goals.

Keep a Journal


Babysitting not only teaches responsibility, it offers kids a way of earning some of their own money. They practice cleaning skills, cooking skills, and learn how to be somewhat independent.

For many people this is not an obstacle to overcome, but for others it is very much a trial. Getting up into the saddle of a horse is a very empowering feeling. Pony Rides do not count.

Ride a Horse


Good deeds can be done purely for the purpose of making somebody’s life better and not for financial gain. Some places have minimum age requirements for volunteers.

Maturity shows best when a child stops thinking that everything is about, and for, them, and takes the time to thank their mom and dad for making sacrifices along the way.

Thank Your Parents

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