10 tips for Road Trips with Kids

After road tripping well over 35,000 miles with my kids alone, I have some tips to make the drive easier for you and them. Here are my top 10 tips for road trips with kids.

It will make the entire trip better if the kids can watch movies. A portable DVD player will let them watch their favorite movies while traveling.

1. Movie player!

2. Get a new movie to watch during the drive

Kids will watch a new movie over and over. You can buy a new movie or you can hit a Redbox.

Car games are a lot of fun for the entire family. There are lots of great games and things to do for all ages.

3. Plan and play road trip games

4. Maximize Stops

Make the most out of a stop. Instead of stopping to eat and again for gas, stop somewhere you can do everything: gas, eat, and restroom.

5. Don’t let the kids gorge themselves on drinks

I let my kids have drinks, but I make sure to spread it out. This keeps us from making extra stops.

Prepare  for your next adventure!

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