13 Best Desserts in Las Vegas

Looking for a sweet treat in Vegas? You don’t have to look far. Here are the best desserts in Las Vegas including cakes, milkshakes, cheesecakes, donuts, and more.

Reports reveal that the experienced and creative chefs at Giada sell more than 700 slices of this amazing four-layer cake per month.

1. Giada: Tiramisu Cheesecake

2. Jardin: Flower Pot Cake

If you crack-open this chocolate-filled pot, you will find many layers of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and raspberry jam inside.

The dessert is also decorated with the amazing flavors of coriander, passion fruit, coconut sorbet, citrus foam, and sliced pineapple.

3. Hell’s Kitchen: Pineapple Carpaccio

4. Strip House: 24-Layer Chocolate Cake

It has ultra-thin layers of chocolate that are placed over each other with the poured ganache in the middle.

5. District: Donuts, Sliders, Brews

The cookies and cream donut was phenomenal and the cinnamon roll was the best we’ve ever had anywhere.

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