20 Epic Experiences for Teens

Epic Experiences for Teens

These ideas are in no particular order. Each are worthy of doing, so pick out a few that are available somewhere that you are traveling to.

Because it’s in Central America, it’s quite affordable as well. We paid around $20 a person, which is quite a bit less than we’ve paid at most places in the United States.

1. Zip lining in Honduras

2. Paris Catacombs

I am a big believer in kids learning history and it’s a whole lot easier to make it have an impact when they physically see it.

The way certain areas of the island are built into the cliffside is really neat. I recommend staying in a cave hotel for at least one night for a full experience.

3. Santorini  

5. Swimming with Elephants  

I get that this isn’t for everyone. People have various feelings on interacting with elephants.

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