21 Ways to Save Money on Vacation

I love taking family vacations, but sometimes there is more room in the budget for traveling than other times. In order to save money, I do a handful of things before and during the family trip.

Do you qualify for a discount on anything?  AAA, AARP, military, local government, are you part of some sort of club that can get you a discount.

1. Use Discounts!

2. Hotel Breakfast

Stay at a hotel that serves breakfast. 9 times out of 10 you can find a hotel that serves breakfast for the same price as one that doesn’t.

Buy a multiple-use pass. Decide ahead of time some of the things you plan to do on vacation. Then see if they are selling these activities together.

3.  Combine Attractions

4. Take a podcast tour

Quit paying to go on tours if you can help it. You can download free podcast tours of the destination you are visiting.

5.  Extra earbuds

If you go on a museum tour they often have audio guides.  Instead of having to rent one for each person take some extra earphones.

Prepare  for your next adventure!

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