American Forces Travel

There’s a fantastic new website that saves military personnel and their families tons of money on leisure travel. It’s American Forces Travel and they have military travel deals all around the world.

The great news is millions are eligible including all active duty military personnel, retired military members, honorably discharged veterans and DOD civilians.

American Forces Travel Eligibility

Military Star Card Accepted

There are many global hotel brands that will accept it when booking through American Forces Travel.

You can expect to save a little on everything, but there are also some really big discounts where you can save up to 40 – 60% off.

How Much Savings

Discounted Airfare

I booked a last minute flight last week to go meet my new niece and saved $200! This was a savings of around 30%.

Discounted Hotels

I looked up some hotels in Houston recently and I could save around $50 a night on the hotel we wanted to stay at.

Prepare  for your next adventure!

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