Beaches Turks and Caicos

By the time I got home from Beaches Turks and Caicos I was regretting not doing more research before our trip. Here are the specific things I wish I had known before we arrived.

You can check-in before you arrive to save time. I really wish I had known this. When we checked in there was a man in there throwing an adult size fit over something minor.

Utilize Pre Check-In

Know-How the Teen and Tween Club Work

There is a bulletin board right outside the tween/teen hangout building with a schedule of activities.

All the food here is pretty good, but I definitely have a few places you must eat at for certain meals.

Know Where to Eat

Ask for a resort tour

When you arrive, ask for a tour. I was in a hurry to make a water activity when I checked in, so I didn’t get any kind of tour, nor did I ask for a tour.

You have to sign up in person. They take sign-ups for the next day starting each morning at 7 AM.

Sign up in advance for included water activities.

Prepare  for your next adventure!

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